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Robert Kraft Celebrates 80th Birthday With a Puppy & Bentley

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By Mario Perez

If you're one of those people who don't love their birthday anymore because you don't get to wake up to a house full of presents, you're really going to feel jealous when you hear this story! New England Patriots owner [Robert Kraft]( woke up in his Hampton's home which he recently purchased. To find that he had been left a couple of gifts by some friends.

Hollywood mogul Ari Emanuel and his fiancee went cute gifting the octagenarian a puppy. Jay-Z, Meek Mill, and Michael Rubin went all out though.

Those Are Some Nice Friends Mr. Kraft!

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After petting the puppy and realizing the type of responsibility that was laid on his shoulders at 80 years old Mr. Kraft was lead by Rubin to his driveway. There Kraft first laid eyes on the blue Bentley that the trio had bought for the businessman.

There's a video of the moment that Meek Mill posted on his social media. In it, Kraft asks Meek and Rubin how they got the car. Rubin answers, "We have resources". While telling Kraft that they know he would not have bought the car for himself.

Kraft Reacting Accordingly

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Even though he's won quite a few Super Bowls we've probably never seen this man this happy. As he sees the car he puts his hands over his head in surprise. Then he leans in to kiss Rubin on the cheek and embraces him.

Even at 80, the Patriots owner reacted pretty much like one would expect anyone to react after getting that kind of present. By all accounts all expenses were paid on the car before gifting it to Kraft. Who anyway would not have trouble keeping up with monthly payments if necessary.

A 'Safe' 80th Birthday

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Although Kraft is not a stranger to lavish parties or paying for some company, that's not how he celebrated his 80th birthday. The businessman reportedly had a bit of a quiet evening with his girlfriend Dana Blumberg, who is a couple of decades his junior, and some family members.

Kraft and Blumberg have been staying at his new Hampton's home since memorial day weekend. They decided to prolong their stay in the area to celebrate his birthday. Rubin is actually a neighbor of the couple, having bought a 50 million dollar mansion close by.

Life After Brady

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Life after Brady off the field has been good to Kraft. The video of him getting the Bentley proves that. He actually moved on from his former girlfriend Ricki Noel Lander whom he'd met thanks to Brady's wife Gisele Bundchen. It's safe to say that Kraft is cutting away all ties from Brady.

The team is not looking so hot without him though. Going into their second season with Cam Newton at the helm with rookie Mac Jones waiting in the wings. It's unclear whether Kraft will step away from the team or any of his business ventures as he climbs up the age ladder.

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