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Johnny Manziel Admits He Got Paid For Autographs While Playing College Football

By Mario Perez

Many people outside of College Station Texas probably remember Johnny Manziel for all of the wrong reasons. Like being a draft bust, saying nasty things about his own father. While maybe having a bit of a problem with alcohol and potentially drugs.

Once upon a time though the quarterback was a star on the college football stage with Texas A&M. In the most recent edition of the Bussin┬┤With The Boys Podcast he came clean about how he made money during his college days. When making money off of his image was "prohibited" by the NCAA.

As Broke As Anyone In College

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Even though Manziel was certainly the star of the Texas A&M football team he only had $65 to his name. That's when a man approached him with the idea of selling off autographed memorabilia. Math was probably not Manziel's strong subject in school though.

He detailed that he went back to the man's condo and signed around 10,000 pieces of memorabilia. For which he got a cool payment of $3K. He was making 30 cents per sale.

He Soon Upgraded


That was not the end of the story, however. For some reason, another person who found about the first deal that Manziel had made contacted him to tell him he was getting ripped off. Seriously bro somebody had to track you down and tell you that?

Anyway, the second encounter is where Manziel started making a bit more money off of his signed memorabilia. Not without going through a very sketchy type of business transaction though. The story Manziel detailed sounds a lot like how drug-related transactions are carried out. At least in movies!

His Road To Making $30K Off Of Memorabilia

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This new "business partner" that Manziel had acquired sent him down to the Fontainebleau hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. We're assuming expenses paid, but with the way Manziel's first transaction went, who knows.

Manziel detailed that this second contact had him sit in a room and sign all of the memorabilia that he had collected for him. Once he was done signing all of it he had to send a picture to the man. He then was awarded the code to the safe which he opened to obtain around $30,000.

I Think My Statue Of Limitations Are Up

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If you're wondering why Manziel is coming clean about this now he mentions, "I think my statute of limitations are up". Again judging from Manziel's lack of judgment he should've checked with a lawyer first. However, he did double down on this. Saying that he did not take any money until after winning the Heisman Trophy. He had a little message for the NCAA as well saying,

"We went 9-4 the next year, so if the NCAA wants to take my f------ 9-4 season away, my Chick-Fil-A Bowl against Duke, f------ b--w me,"

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