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Ben Affleck Hasn't Told His Family About New Relationship With Jennifer Lopez?!

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By Mike Walters

Ben Affleck hasn't told his family about the newly kindled relationship with Jennifer Lopez, and his father has reportedly broken his silence on the shocking situation!

The Oscar-winning director's father, Timothy, spoke to the media in the past few days and scoffed at the rumors that his son has loved J. Lo all along and is "picking up right where they left off."

"I've never heard all of that nonsense," Ben's dad said. Timothy is a retired social worker and writer who also worked in a theatre. Interestingly, he appeared alongside Ben's brother -- Casey -- in his 2010 film, 'I'm Still Here.'

So, What Does He Think About Jennifer?!

Not Taking Her Home To Mom & Dad?!

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Affleck's father reportedly spoke to 'The Sun,' and was a bit reluctant to speak about the situation -- especially since his son had not mentioned the new romance with Jennifer Lopez.

"Of course I've heard of her," he said. Adding, But, I'd no idea about any of this." In other words, Ben hasn't mentioned it, so he doesn't have much to say about the topic.

One reason he may be in the dark on the situation is COVID-19, where he admitted to not being about to get together with his son for months. "I haven’t seen my kids in so long, what with their work and Covid,” he said.

There's More...

Ben Affleck's Dad: They Share What They Want To Share...

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In the end, like most parents/grandparents, Timothy was clear that he gets the information his kids decide to tell him -- and that's all.

"I talk to my kids about their lives when I see them and they share with me what they want to share," he said. So, it's possible, Ben just isn't ready to share the details of his hook-up with Jennifer.

As we reported, the two have become increasingly close and are spending many days together. Ben was spotted sporting a huge smile while leaving J Lo's Los Angeles compound in the morning -- after an overnight visit.

If this is serious, there is plenty of time to take her home to the parents!

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