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Jensen Ackles is Soldier Boy in Amazon Prime's "The Boys"

'Supernatural' Star Jensen Ackles Rocks Soldier Boy Suit For 'The Boys'

Instagram | Jensen Ackles
By Rima Pundir

We miss the Winchester boys, don't we, ever since CW's hit horrorama series "Supernatural" ended. Of course, pretty boy Dean Winchester, aka Jensen Ackles has moved on, and so has Sammy, as in Jared Padalecki

And Ackles is now on Amazon Prime's Soldier Boy in the hit series "The Boys", beard and all, and rocking a super-suit like none other. 

Meanwhile, fans are split neatly down the middle about that beard, first spotted after Ackles declared he was officially bored of quarantine. So how has the man and his beard fared?

Let's find out...

Big Beard, Don't Care

Jensen Ackles' "man beard" won over many fans
Instagram | Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles' beard made an appearance in the season finale of "Supernatural" as well, but never has it been more in your face than in this Instagram post of his, where he declared, "Day 12 of Quarantine. I’m finally...officially...bored with myself. I’ve read all the scripts, watched all the shows, caught up on all the movies... I’ve started to cook...oh and draw. Send help (or scotch)."

Enough for Ian Somerhalder to reply, "What about Bourbon? I can bring you, bourbon bro. I’ll drive over in 5?"

More of the beard, and Ackles coming up...

Preparing To Be One Of The Boys

Jensen Ackles and Jack Quaid star in "The Boys"
Instagram | Jensen Ackles

So while Ackles did some supernatural stuff in well, "Supernatural", being a superhero is a whole new ball game. And while he is rocking it, he is also sweating it, because superhero workouts are killing, as he prepares to join Amazon Prime's "The Boys". 

This is why Ackles admitted so in his latest workout video, calling out to his castmates, "I’m beginning to understand the struggle. 😥. Or maybe I’m just too old for this crap."

The official handle of the show responded, "do you need a license in Canada to tote around guns like these?"

Have a watch...


Meet Soldier Boy

Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy for and in "The Boys"
Instagram | Jensen Ackles

So Ackles is now on season 3 of "The Boys" and will be Soldier Boy, and while the beard is not off, it is certainly a lot tamed than before. 

What does Ackles think, "My idea of a camouflage banana hammock got overruled. And I’m glad it did. I love this suit."

And what does his brother from the same mother but another show think? Jared Padalecki egged on his elder Winchester bro, commenting, "Yeah baby!!! Get some!!"

Of course, Ackles had shown equal enthusiasm when Padalecki became the new Walker, Texas Ranger...

Give The Man A Shield Already

Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy for and in "The Boys"
Instagram | Jensen Ackles

Of course, the Winchester dad, as in Jeffrey Dean Morgan is pretty proud of his "son" as well, and left one enthusiastic comment! 


But there was a lament by some of Ackles 8.6 million Instagram fans as well, one writing, "I miss the bushy beard already"...

And the best compliment of all? How about, "Captain America who? I only know soldier boy!".

Well, clearly public sentiment is fleeting. But we remember Chris Evans, and here's him, training (read bruising) to be a spy!

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