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Will Meghan & Harry Get An Invite To The Queen's Jubilee?

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By Mario Perez

We are pretty much a full year out from the celebration, but The Queen's jubilee party is going to be a big one in 2022. The event will be celebrated by a 4 day weekend for the brits. So that they can attend the Platinum Party in the Palace. Which, will be a concert in Buckingham Palace to mark Her Majesty's 70th year on the throne.

This will all take place literally a year from now, but people are already freaking out about the guest list. There's one particular couple that is in doubt you might have heard of them!

Why The Big Fuss?!

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In case you've been out of this world for the last year here's a quick recap. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex said they wanted out of the Royal Family in early 2020. Before anything could be really made official they ran off to Canada, and then set up shop in California. Pretty much since then, they've dedicated their lives to throwing shade on the Royal Family.

Now, the couple has reportedly said that they want to be invited to The Queen's jubilee party. Why they want to go is anyone's guess at this point. Will they even get an invite though?

Some Sources Are Saying Yes

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Even though the event is a long way away speculation has already started to grow on whether or not the couple will get an invite. Royal sources are telling Page Six,

"Of course they’re invited, it’s a family event!”

The outlet's sources are also pointing out that a lot can happen in a year. In recent days news from London coming from relatives of the Royals indicate that there's a sense of hope within the family. The Windsor clan could be delighted to see baby Archie and his new sister who is due any day now. Other royal sources across the pond though actively disagree.

Who Is Saying No?

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News outlets from Britain particularly "The Sun" don't necessarily feel that the family would welcome the couple with open arms that easily. Their royal sources are all mentioning that the situation would be awkward at the very least. While insisting that Harry's invite is already causing some headaches within the palace. For them there are many questions that need to be answered including,

"Where will they be positioned if they turn up? What events can they attend? Will we put them on the Buckingham Palace balcony for the flypast?"

Will They or Won't They Get An Invite?

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At this point, it's certainly too early to tell whether or not the couple will get an invite. There's one quote though that sums up the situation quite nicely.

"This is a celebration for the Queen’s 70 years of service to the nation and should not be overshadowed."

That's probably the bottom line for the Palace. Harry is set to visit the UK for the unveiling of his mother's statue in about a month's time. We'll certainly have more answers on how the relationship is going at that point.

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