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Cuba Gooding Jr. Still Hitting Up Bars After Losing Case Against Groping Accuser

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By Mario Perez

Today it was announced by a court that Natasha Ashworth has won a lawsuit against Cuba Gooding Jr. by default. As the actor never responded to any court citations. Ashworth claims that Gooding Jr. pinched her on her backside while she was serving him drinks at Tao Downtown Nightclub back in 2019.

Cuba didn't even bother to show up to defend himself against these allegations. Actually, he was spotted at another nightclub Sunday night. Where he was seen having a conversation with another women without a care in the world.

What's Up With Cuba?

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Records show that Cuba has been formally and informally accuse d of sexual misconduct by at least 30 women. However, even when facing court citations it seems that his strategy has been to not show up at all.

According to Page Six, court records show that Cuba has never hired an attorney to oversee the allegations against him. Literally, his defense against these has been to not show up. However, with this new ruling, he's going to have to dish out some cash at least!

He Did Appear In Court For More Serious Allegations

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Cuba hasn't been able to avoid all of the allegations against him by not showing up though. There's also an ongoing rape case against the actor. A woman who to this point has decided to remain anonymous says Cuba sexually assaulted her at The Mercer Hotel in 2013.

Cuba's lawyers, in that case, have denied all of the allegations made against their client. Arguing that if the issue had been real the accuser would have brought it to the authorities much sooner.

The Partying Is Getting Out Of Hand

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A quick look on Twitter can tell you all that you need to know about Cuba's recent escapades. You'll find a tweet from a random user who claims that he and his friends got drunk and partied with Cuba this year.

This next video, for example, is for sure taken out of context. However, in what context would Cuba screaming to a crowd, " Somebody suck that baby's ****" be appropriate? These revelations give off a clear idea of why exactly Cuba is getting into legal trouble.

What Does His Career Look Like Today?


In the midst of all of these allegations and random videos of him, how is work for the 53-year-old actor? Although he hasn't been directly "canceled" by Hollywood his career has slowed down quite a bit in the last few years.

He had a bit of a career renaissance when he played OJ Simpson in the acclaimed series "American Crime Story: The People v. O. J. Simpson". However, maybe due to his troubled personal life he wasn't exactly able to capitalize big on that success. Although he did appear in the movie "Life in a Year" in 2020.

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