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Racist or Not? The Royal Family Allegedly Kept Minorities Away From Office Jobs

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By Mario Perez

Meghan Markle claimed in her Oprah interview that people within the Palace had discussions with her over how dark her baby would be. Now, a story published in The Guardian based on documents found in the UK national archives has revived the debate over whether or not the Royal Family is racist. Famously,

This was not the only instance of potential racism that the Duchess of Sussex says she suffered from people inside the Palace. The newly discovered documents seem to indicate that minorities and foreigners were not allowed to work for the Royal Family at least until the 60's!

What The Documents Really Say

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Do the documents clearly state that the Royal Family is racist? Well, they kind of state they were at one point in time. According to the Guardian, the documents contain a direct quote from the queen's chief financial manager in 1968. In which he states,

"It was not, in fact, the practice to appoint coloured immigrants or foreigners”

Minorities and foreigners could work as household staff and servants in the Royal household. However, at least until the late '60s they were not given "clerical roles".

A Trend Of The Times

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While these revelations are certainly not positive for the royals they do reflect the times. In the '60s segregation and discriminative laws were common across the world. In the U.S. the decade was marked by the many social figures that fought to change some of these laws.

The Royal family was not ahead of its time in that department. Perhaps the most revealing part of these documents is not that the Royal household employed discriminative laws in the '60s. It's that they could if they wanted to still employ them today!

The Queen Is Exempt From Equality Laws

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In 1968 UK parliament passed the Race relations bill. Which, essentially did not allow employers to discriminate job applicants because of race or gender. Subsequent bills have been passed to ensure that workplaces give people of all races equal opportunities.

The thing is, the Queen has remained exempt from these laws through what is known as "Queen’s consent". Does this mean that to this day The Queen still doesn't hire minority candidates to work for her? Not necessarily, but she could discriminate if she wanted to and there would be no legal avenue to fight her on it!

Was Meghan Right?

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Was Meghan right when she implied that the Royal Family was racist? Was this the proof that she said she had? Both Meghan and Prince Harry have yet to comment on the newly rediscovered documents. The Royal Family has not issued an official statement on the matter either.

Just going off The Royal Family's past though, it's not crazy to think there aren't still a few racists within the royal household. It could be a good PR move by the Queen to let some people go and clean house amidst the allegations!

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