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Kelly Osbourne Speaks Candidly About Alcohol Relapse

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By Mario Perez

Back in April Kelly Osbourne announced that she had relapsed in her alcohol addiction. The daughter of famous singer Ozzy Osbourne had been completely sober for 4 years. She says, that the fact that she was able to stay sober all that time and through the pandemic led her to believe that she had fixed her problem.

She thought that she could go back to having a couple of glasses of wine. Ultimately though that led to her going all the way back to old habits!

Opening Up To The Red Table Talk Crew

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Osbourne went on the Red Table Talk. The show hosted by Jada Pinkett Smith, Adrienne Banfield-Norris, and Willow Smith on Facebook live and just opened completely up about what had happened to her.

Kelly mentions that it all started when she was sitting by a pool and she saw a couple having a glass of champagne. She recalls,

"I was alone, sitting by a pool, and waiting for somebody to come have a meeting with me and I saw this woman and her husband had a glass of champagne and it looked really nice,"

Just Having A Couple of Glasses

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That scene at the pool led Osbourne to go out looking for some Champagne. She recalls thinking that since she was able to get through the pandemic without drinking she felt she could certainly get back to light drinking. That's why she probably didn't think twice about having a glass of champagne. Osbourne candidly mentioned though,

"The next day, I had two glasses. And then the day after that it was bottles."

It was until another event took place that Osbourne eventually realized she was back in a dark place.

Having Her Boyfriend See That Side Of Her

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When asked about the moment that she knew she wanted to get back to being sober Kelly was completely sincere. She mentioned that she realized this was a relapse when she found herself "shitfaced" eating pizza on her boyfriend's couch. Osbourne described the scene and her feelings.

"He looked over at me and I felt the way he looked at me," she said. "And I was like, 'Oh no, I never want him to look at me like that again. Ever.' Like that didn't make me feel good. What am I doing?"

Her Boyfriend Was Her Rock In The Endeavor


Kelly had described her brother Jack as being one of the key people that helped her get sober. This time around she mentions that her boyfriend really helped her through the ordeal. Not only being there and helping her have that wake-up call but also after the incident. Osbourne mentions,

"I've never had a boyfriend who's supportive of me in that area before, and he is very communicative and incredible in that way. So it's really nice — and my parents like him so that's also a positive."

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