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Unwanted Guests Are Crashing Queen Elizabeth's Home Turf!

Unsplash | Annie Spratt
By Mario Perez

Some British travelers who felt that the Queen was lonely after the death of Prince Philip took matters into their own hands to keep her company. This isn't exactly like the time a random person snuck into her majesty's bedroom. At least according to The Crown!

At the time of writing this article though, there are people with RV's and other types of vehicles setting up a campground on Windsor Castle grounds. This isn't exactly legal therefore police are pleading with them to leave the property!

What's Happening?

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We are not just talking about a small group of people who decided to camp outside of Her Majesty's window and will soon be escorted out of the property. According to reports the caravan consists of around 30 vehicles that are deliberately blocking the way to Windsor Castle.

From what we know Police have arrived on the scene and can be seen talking with the tourists some without their shirts on ready to have a good time. Pleading with them to leave the property.

How Did They Get In?

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There are actually "public" roads that run within Windsor grounds that people are allowed to drive on free of charge from dusk till dawn. However, it's not permitted to stay the night on Windsor grounds. That's why police are on the scene.

According to the Daily Mail, the tourists are blocking, "The 2.6mile track which connects Windsor Castle with Snow Hill in the Windsor Great Park".

What's the next step for the authorities if these people just decided that they did not want to leave?

Not Using Force At This Point

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Local reports indicate that the authorities are taking "legal action" against the trespassers. However, we can see from the pictures that many police officers are seen speaking calmly to all of these people.

Since Windsor is property of the Royal Family and the Queen is currently staying at the Castle there's a good chance that police will try to avoid forcefully removing these people from the property. If comes down to it though, we could be looking at a full-blown battle for the castle, like in medieval times!

Is The Queen Currently At The Castle?

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By most accounts, The Queen is said to be in residence at the castle as the situation develops. She took part in a virtual meeting this morning with Dr. Zalmai Rassoul, Ambassador from Afghanistan. In these meetings, her guests are greeted at Buckingham Palace by her staff and they talk to her through a virtual call. She tends to those calls from Windsor Castle.

If there are any sudden riots on Castle grounds it would not be farfetched that Her Majesty would be removed via helicopter or maybe a secrete passage that the castle has!

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