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Dove Cameron close up

Dove Cameron Keeps Fans Safe With Stunning Home Selfie

By Rebecca Cukier

Dove Cameron is reminding her 42.4 million Instagram followers that they're always safe with her as she stuns the digital space and shows a heart of gold. The 25-year-old actress and "We Belong" singer updated late last night with her usual, off-beat photo dump, reaching out to her followers and even admitting she wishes she could pose nude every day - "not because it's sexy, but because it's terribly vulnerable." Dove was glowing in the most basic look ever, and her fans just fell in love all over again. See why below.

Wants To 'Hold Your Hand'

Dove Cameron bathroom selfie

Scroll for the photos. They come as Dove muscles up for upcoming CW series "Powerpuff Girls," one that's been seeing the blonde actively training and even wowing with her flexible splits from celebrity-adored gym chain Dogpound.

The former Disney star, all deep gazes, bushy brows, and showing off darker locks than usual, opened with a selfie while in a classic white tank top and with her face seeming to have been oiled - Dove is a massive vitamin E oil-slatherer.

See More Photos Below!

Dove Cameron home selfie

The post, which also included text convos, fluorescent selfie action, and the star's "Bubbles" necklace as she shouts out her new character, came with a caption adding:

"I wish i could reach through the phone and hold your hand. i wish i could attach the smell of my perfume to this post so you could smell what i smell. i wish more than anything to know you all so intimately like i know myself."

"I wish I knew you were safe with me," Dove continued. More photos below.

Questioning All The Apps

The Emmy winner, who went onto question social media apps as she wondered whether they truly connect people, also wrote: "I am so happy to be alive. i wish connective apps were actually made for connection. i wish we weren’t so afraid of each other . i love you so much and i am feeling so human . full hearts and heart break feel the same."

While YouTuber Tana Mongeau praised Dove for her "caption," others just wanted the "beauty routine." Problem is, they've already got it. See why below.

'Drop The Beauty Routine'

Dove, who outlined her not always "pretty" self-care to Byrdie in 2020 and later appeared in a Vogue beauty secrets video, was told to "drop the skincare routine," but she's already done so, even tripling up with her 2021 Glamour interview. If you spotted an oily glow:

“It's oily to the point where I'll have a nice glow throughout the day. But it can get dry as well, so I'm always slathering on, like, nine different kinds of oils and moisturizers.”

If you missed Dove's super-exciting and bikini-clad Utah road trip, scroll for the weight comments it sparked.

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