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Who Is The Frontrunner To Take Over The Ellen DeGeneres Show?

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By Mike Walters

Ellen Degeneres is quitting her daytime television show, and one name has continued to bubble up to the top prospect as the possible replacement for the longtime host.

Obviously, this person would need to have the ability and training to host a television show five days a week, something that is not easily done. It is an important and coveted timeslot on television, so this person would also have to be able to bring in the ratings.

According to reports, the countdown has begun for NBC who needs to choose the successor for that timeslot ASAP.

See The Frontrunner...Below.

It's Kelly Clarkson! See The Details...

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That's right...Kelly Clarkson is the frontrunner to take over the timeslot of the Ellen Degeneres Show when it comes to an end.

Think about it...NBC executives launched The Kelly Clarkson Show as the heir apparent to Ellen's hour of programming. It was obvious, even months ago, that DeGeneres would most likely be ending her show.

So, Kelly is the perfect fit, considering she already hosts her own talk show and is used to the grind of producing it five days a week. Plus, she is famous, so booking A-list guests on the show will be easier for producers.

There is only one issue...See Below.

Tiffany Haddish Is Also On The Short List!

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According to reports, Kelly's show struggled during the pandemic with trying to book guests who have to join remotely and the situation caused a slump in the rating.

As you can imagine, many television shows had their ratings tank during the COVID-19 outbreak, especially ones which require a daily or weekly guest. NBC executives are reportedly not ready to pull the trigger and announce Clarkson as the replacement -- and are keeping their options open.

Tiffany Haddish is amongst a shortlist of names that have been tossed around at the network, but it's unclear if she would be willing to host a daily talk show. As they always say, if the money is right...anything is possible!

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