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SteveWillDoIt in a Delorian

Steve Will Do It Is Changing Lives With Car & Cash Giveaways

SteveWillDoIt / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Move over Oprah, because a new star is out here dropping life-changing gifts on fans and friends at an incredible pace.

YouTube star Steve Will Do It has been in the giving spirit lately, like picking up the tab on a fleet of new cars for a couple of his loyal friends and then literally dumping stacks of cash, and other amazing gifts, on a single mom raising her children out of a hotel room.

Even more impressive, Steve Will Do It, who is part of the NELK Boys crew, is not giving away anything as part of a sponsorship and is literally paying for everything out of his own pocket.

SteveWillDoIt with family during giveaway
SteveWillDoIt / Instagram

Steve Will Do It posted a video to his YouTube page late Friday evening titled, "Changing a Single Mom's Life," and the title is definitely not wrong.

The YouTuber, real name Stephen Deleonardis, was out in Southern California when he got wind of a single mother raising her children out of a hotel room. With the help of Instagram powerlifter, Bradley Martyn, SteveWillDoIt took a bag full of gifts for the kids and a huge jackpot for mom.

Woman holding up SteveWillDoIt merch
SteveWillDoIt / YouTube

It was a pretty cool moment as SteveWillDoIt and the crew dropped off a ton of amazing items to the mother and her two children. The swag included iPads, AirPods, clothes, Disney gift cards and over $40,000 in cash!

They also got a cache of Full Send merch, which we're guessing is going to become the family's favorite new brand. The good vibes did not stop there as SteveWillDoIt also presented the family with a brand new Tesla, which he paid for in full out of his own pocket.

In a not so subtle shot at disgraced YouTube star David Dobrik, who was known for giving away cars on social media, SteveWillDoIt proudly declared:

"David Dobrik, 'Eat my sh*t.' Eat my sack Dobrik ... that's what I think about that."

Check out the video below!

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