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Kaley Cuoco close up

Kaley Cuoco Beats The Bloat After Chips Binge

By Rebecca Cukier

Kaley Cuoco admitted she needed a little help in the bloat department after consuming an "entire" and family-sized bag of potato chips yesterday. The 35-year-old sitcom star, recently unveiled as a brand ambassador for feminine wellness supplements Olly, updated her Instagram stories on Friday in promo mode, but the "Big Bang Theory" actress did more than just smile and hold the product. Videos showed Kaley with the massive bag of snacks she'd just eaten, and it looked like she was grateful for Olly's Beat The Bloat capsules. Check it out below.

Her 'Saving Grace'

Kaley Cuoco with coffee and a dog

Scroll for the photo. Kaley was unveiled as the new celebrity face of Olly in mid-April, posting an amusing "HAPPY HOO-HA" photo for the brand's vaginal supplements. The girl behind Penny, who has stated "I won't put my name on anything I don't use or fully believe in," updated from her $12 million Hidden Hills estate, addressing fans in a stylish striped top, this time promoting Beat The Bloat tablets, ones the star says she never leaves the house without.

See Her Family-Sized Chips Below!

Touting the capsules' ginger, fennel, and dandelion ingredients, Kaley wrote: "My saving grace after eating this entire bag of chips lol." The actress then admitted she probably needed the tablets more than ever after her cheat food session. "#Ollyambassador #FutureIsFemale #HappyInsideOut," Kaley added.

Kaley is now joined by another TV blonde in all things Olly. "Pooch Perfect" star Rebel Wilson, who's just dropped 70 pounds, is also an Olly ambassador. "I fell in love with OLLY products a few years ago while shooting on location, and never looked back," Kaley wrote in her parternship announcement.

Scroll For Her Workout Video!

 Kaley Cuoco with chips

Retailing at $17.99 for a bottle of 25 capsules, Beat The Bloat promises to deliver "a powerful blend of digestive enzymes and botanical extracts to help reduce occasional belly bloat and support a flatter-feeling tummy."

"What bloat? These little heroes work hard to help reduce belly bloat caused by digestion woes, gas and water retention. You’ll feel more like you—and a lot more comfortable, too."

As The Blast reported, Kaley faced backlash for her Olly announcement on account of the products not being vegan. See her working out below!

Tough Crowd


Kaley, who is not vegan but is known for her big animal love, pet bunnies, and multiple dogs, was criticized by fans as she promoted Olly, with one writing: "But its not vegan!!! Uses animal gelatin which is just nowadays unacceptable. Think about it Kaley☹🤔. I know you love animals."

As to what Kaley eats when she isn't stuffing her face with chips, it's fairly simple. "The same little bit of peanut butter on toast," she told Women's Health about her breakfasts. Scroll for the unusual toilet habits husband Karl Cook just exposed of his wife.

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