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Royal Expert Defends Prince Charles After Harry Potrays Him as a Bad Father

By Mario Perez

For Prince Harry, it must have been really hard to lose his mother at such an early age. A couple of years removed from the tragedy his father Prince Charles brought his former mistress to live with him and the boys mainly in his Highgrove home.

That sequence of events alone doesn't necessarily portray Charles as a great father. In his most recent interview, Prince Harry mentioned that his father had passed along a cycle of “genetic pain and suffering” that he is looking to break in California. Many royal experts didn't take the comments positively.

What Exactly Did Harry Say?

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Harry went on Dax Shepard’s “Armchair Expert” podcast on the podcast he took time to compare Royal life to living in a zoo. While also opening up about his relationship with his father Prince Charles.

Other than the passing along "genetic pain and suffering" Harry also took a light shot at the Queen and Prince Phillip. Mentioning that his father had brought them up like he was brought up. Alluding to a line or a trend of bad parenting within the Royal Family.

What Rubbed People The Wrong Way

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What rubbed a lot of people the wrong way was the timing of the interview. Weeks removed from his grandfather's funeral he went on record bashing his dad and his late grandfather in the process. Royal scribe Robert Jobson told Page Six,

“He’s talking about his father, who’s just lost his own dad, going through his own traumas and mental health issues. Surely he should support Charles now more than ever and I don’t know why he’s done it.”

The consensus around the Royal pro crowd is that even though the criticism of Prince Charles could be warranted the timing is awful!

A Selfish Move By Harry?

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The royal expert went off on Prince Harry mentioning,

"I’m sure if he used his brain now and then … [he’d realize] it’s not helpful talking about his personal problems." he then added that talking that way about his father right after Prince Phillip's funeral was "ungracious".

Robert Johnson continued to talk about how selfish Harry's actions were. Bashing Harry for being selfish and caring only about his own feelings. Again, publically airing your daddy issues and attacking your father and his family when they just went through a loss is pretty selfish!

Why Is Diana's Side Of The Story Ignored?

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UK publications are asking a question today that has almost become taboo. Why are Diana's family issues never explored? The Daily Mail published a story where it recalls Diana's troubled childhood. Particularly when her mother left her and her siblings with her father after she went off with Peter Shand Kydd. Apparently, there is no relation between Peter Shand Kydd and Camilla Shand, but that would be wild!

Harry is not doing himself any favors with his image on the other side of the pond. The good thing is he's made some new Hollywood friends!

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