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Supermodel Donni Zheng's 'Healthy Fashion Movement' Is Taking Hollywood By Storm!

By Mike Walters

Supermodel Donni Zheng is a revolutionary pioneer who is uniting a world-renown figure to lead the 'Healthy Fashion Movement' which is on a mission to empower young generations to eliminate body shaming, prevent eating disorders, and achieve their full potential.

The stunning model, who is taking Hollywood by storm, is a graduate of two top 10 universities in the world at UCLA and Columbia University and is hoping to promote health education from the west to the far east.

Obviously, this isn't an easy task in the modeling business, but she is starting to convince and work with top designers and companies in the world -- to take up a more healthy approach to the business.

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FAME By Sheeraz

The good news, top designers and iconic legends, such as Japan’s iconic Yumi Katsura, China’s most influential designer Guo Pei, legendary investor Jim Rogers, and celebrity designer Maggie Norris, have all subsequently joined this Healthy fashion Movement. Plus, Donni promotes high-profile interviews at the most influential national media platform CCTV as a vehicle to change the media’s misrepresentation about current extreme beauty standards, as well as to bring health education to women all around the world.

Donni Zheng soon became the world’s first midsize Asian model to earn global recognition and acclaim. From there, Donni made herself a known name amongst the most influential members of the fashion industry when she modeled at Paris Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Shanghai Couture Week, and a long list of other high-profile fashion events.

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Focusing On 'Forming Healthy Habits, Staying Fit!'

FAME By Sheeraz

The Healthy Fashion Movement is known for two major breakthroughs that bring inclusive fashion to the next level.

First, different from other previous body positivity campaigns, it is not normalizing obesity but focuses on people’s health rather than their size.

The movement, along with Donni, encourages everyone who is struggling with their weight to practice intuitive eating to identify their set point weight before setting any unrealistic weight goals for themselves. This is because every human is inherited with different genes and naturally has different healthy weight range and appearances. Therefore, the “beauty ideals” we see in the media, even plus-sized ideals, may not fit our unique genes.

Bottom line, forming healthy habits, staying fit, and be confident in our natural healthy beauty are far more important than chasing a number on a scale.

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FAME By Sheeraz

The second major breakthrough for Healthy Fashion Movement is that it shifts the focus from “shooting for extreme ideals” to “accept my-size” (and my healthy natural beauty). The current model agencies and brands are still stuck in extremes - selecting only the skinny or the plus-sized who are above size 10.

“I personally struggled with body shaming and eating disorders since high school, and those endless dieting and self-criticism almost destroyed my whole life," Donni recalls. Adding, “But I was even not aware that it was a health issue because of the lack of proper health education in Asia. Besides, it’s not just about dieting habits, it is also about self-acceptance, mental health, and overall empowerment to faith in yourself to achieve your potential.”

“Ultimately, the goal is that no one will ever go through the similar sufferings as I did," she concluded.

Today, she is in Hollywood, uniting top fashion designers, influencers, and brands who want to crack into the entire Asian market and promote their products to a massive audience.

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