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Hailey Bieber Receives Two YouTube Play Buttons!

Hailey Bieber / Instagram
By Connor McCrory

Hailey Bieber has recently taken to Instagram to show off her new "YouTube Creator Awards," but fans are wondering why she got two? did YouTube make a mistake?

The short answer is no, YouTube did not make a mistake, the wife of Justin Bieber has grown from zero followers to over one million in just under 2 months, deeming her channel successful by social media Standards.

The "YouTube Creator Awards" is a program that YouTube sponsors, where they give you an "award" for hitting a certain milestone on YouTube.

For a 100k YouTube deems you eligible for a silver plaque, for one-million a gold plaque, and for 10-million a "Dimond Play Button," which is one of The Creator Programs' most coveted awards held by few YouTubers.

Why Did She Receive Two Awards?


In Biebers' Instagram caption she said:

"Just received my @YouTube Silver AND Gold Creator Awards at the same time! From launch to 100K to over a million subscribers in 2 months🖤 On behalf of my partners @obb and me, I wanted to say THANK YOU ALL so much for tuning into my channel - you have no idea how much more fun is coming😛 Please keep telling us what else you want to see!"

So according to Bieber's post, YouTube sent both her 100k and one-million milestone awards at the same time. What a coincidence!

Biebers' success on YouTube brings inspiration to her younger audience who look up to the now-YouTuber.

Why Does Hailey Have One Million Subscribers?

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Beibers' success on YouTube stems from the factor the she is married to Justin and her content, let me break that down.

Obviously being married to one of the biggest pop-stars of the 21st century will most certainly gain you a good amount of followers, between the fans, press and social media presence.

Bieber’s YouTube content is quality, with talking about deep topics like "Cancel culture, mental health & social media" and then more fun topics like "STYLE CHALLENGE with Hailey Rhode Bieber."

Where’s s Justin?

Giphy | Kids' Choice Awards

It has been a successful strategy for Hailey Bieber's to build her own fanbase on social media and effectively step out of Justin's shadow while claiming her own stardom.

Hailey has also talked about the crazy level of fame that surrounds herself and Justin as a couple. In an interview with Dixie D’Amelio on YouTube, the fellow social media star brought up "very embarrassing, bad situations" regarding paparazzi.

"Paparazzi is such an interesting thing to me because I really don't understand it, and I think that it's a really, really weird, invasive thing," Hailey said.

"What I understand is people wanting to capture clothing, or trying to get these outfit shots. To me, that is understandable because that's good for the people who designed the clothes and for our stylists," she added.

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