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The 'Friends' Reunion Is Finally Happening! First Teaser Revealed

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By Mario Perez

For over a year it had been speculated whether or not this moment would ever come. HBO Max hinted that they had come to an agreement with the 6 cast members from the original "Friends" show and were planning to do an exclusive episode on the platform to celebrate its launch.

The year came and went, the pandemic got really bad! Finally, after all of the speculations, we have an official release date and trailer. That doesn't really reveal what we can expect to see on the new show.

Release Date & Teaser Trailer

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HBO Max has already released a very short teaser trailer that is on YouTube. You'll be able to see it below. The show is going to stream on May 27 on the platform. We really can't tell anything about what will actually be on the show from the trailer.

It just shows the 6 main characters hugged together walking away from the camera. However, there has been a lot of talk about potential special guests that could be on the show titled, "The One Were They Got Back Together".

Special Guests

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Along with the 6 original Friends, there will be multiple celebrities included on the show. Some of the people that have been teased to potentially appear in the special include, David Beckham, Justin Bieber, BTS, and James Corden.

Some of the former Friends guest stars like Tom Selleck are also rumored to have some type of appearance in the production. There is some good news and some bad news to give out though. The show may disappoint a few people for sure!

It's Not What You Think

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The show was shot in its original setting, not NYC, but the Burbank Warner Bros studio lot soundstage, Stage 24. There are plenty of familiar sights to be seen!

The show though, won't be another Friends episode. David Schwimmer had already revealed that it's essentially going to be a sit-down interview with all of the former cast members. They are just going to be reminiscing about their years on the show. Like they could have done on any late-night show at any point in the last 15 years or so!

Matthew Perry Is Still On Board

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One thing that can be taken away from the teaser trailer is that Matthew Perry is still set to appear. Despite some of the recent events in his life. Where a video of him chatting with a 19-year-old Raya match surfaced. The cancel culture police did not get there in time to force him out of the show.

It was Perry himself who hinted at a March 2021 release date for the special program. Of course, we know now that his leak was inaccurate.

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