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The Queen Has Prince Charles by Her Side In First Official Appearance Since Death of Philip

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By Mario Perez

In one of the most bizarre openings of parliament ceremonies, Queen Elizabeth II made the trip from Buckingham Palace in a black Range Rover. Instead of the usual carriage ride that she takes to these events. The differences between this year's event and what we'd seen in other years did not stop there.

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall also accompanied the Queen on this occasion. However, they took their own ride to The House of Lords.

Again Forced To Sit Alone

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Although she was accompanied by Charles and Camilla and Charles held her by the hand to help her up the steps to sit on the golden throne he and Camilla were forced to sit apart. The throne that used to sit beside Her Majesty's where the Duke used to sit for many years was removed.

A lot of people felt this was a distasteful gesture. As it showed an evident void in the Queen's life. Highlighting the fact that she is now a widow. Only a month after the Duke was laid to rest. COVID protocols were balmed for Charles and Camilla having to sit away from the Queen.

No More Fancy Gowns & Crowns

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The opening of Parliament used to be one of the few occasions throughout the year where we got to see The Queen in full royal mode if you will. She would wear St Edward's Crown and come dressed in an elegant white gown. While the Lords would flock their seats with their white whigs that you see in old-time movies.

This year though, the Queen again wore a more subtle dress made by her favorite designer Angela Kelly. St. Edward's Crown was present, but the Queen did not wear it.

Was Camilla's Presance A Power Move By Charles?

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This was not the first time that Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall was present and the opening of Parliament beside the Queen. She had also been present in earlier years. Most recently in 2019 when Prince Charles actually sat on the throne beside his mother in his father's absence.

The fact that Camilla made another appearance this year sitting beside Charles now without the Duke again seemed like an eerie reminder that the two are on deck to take the thrones once the Queen passes away.

The Speech Itself

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The Royal Family's official Instagram is always quick to remind everyone that the speech is not written by the Queen. The speech is actually written by the government and given to the Queen to read.

This year it tackled a couple of difficult topics. Such as immigration. If the Queen would've written a speech that called for some type of immigration reform that would have made headline news! Also, the speech talked about the need for an upgrade in digital infrastructure. The brits need faster wifi!

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