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James Charles Returns To Social Media Amid Lawsuit

James Charles | Twitter
By Connor McCrory

In a story posted earlier this week it was revealed that James Charles has been on a "social media break," but it seems that it didn't last but a month before the YouTuber took to Twitter to slam his ex-employee’s lawsuit, according to Dexerto

Charles, 21, has been making headlines this past year for a plethora of scandals ranging from grooming minors to being demonetized on YouTube and even losing his partnership with Morphe, which was rumored to be his most popular collaboration.

...So has Charles returned to defend his name or to plead for the public's forgiveness?

"I’ve Been Dealing With An Ongoing Lawsuit From One Of My Previous Employees”

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In a now-viral video posted to Twitter by Charles, the YouTuber explained how two years ago he had hired a "producer" to help edit and produce his social media content. The female who is suing Charles, will remain unnamed, was Charles "right-hand person" and was getting paid a salary of $72,000 a year according to Charles, but was terminated after six short months.

In Charles' video, that broke his social media hiatus, the YouTuber said:

“For those who are not aware, for the last two years, I’ve been dealing with an ongoing lawsuit from one of my previous employees,” Charles stated. “This is something I’ve never spoken about never mentioned out of respect for her and the fact that it’s literally an ongoing litigation. But she’s now speaking about it.”

Charles continued saying that, “I was filming and editing three videos a week by myself, and I really wanted help, so I hired an editor. This person worked for me and was later promoted to my producer. She was like my right-hand person for a salary of $72,000 a year. She only worked for me for about six months and was let go.”

Did Charles Wrongfully Terminated, Overwork, And Underpay His Employee?

James Charles | Facebook

According to the Twitter video posted by Charles, the YouTube stated that "I’m being sued. [the victim ] alleges that she was wrongfully terminated, overworked, and underpaid. All of which are untrue.” He insisted his staff have always been “very well taken care of” and claimed she’s after “hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

In theory Charles could pay a large sum of money to make this disappear, Charles says that he wants to “pursue to the fullest extent of the law,” in reference to the lawsuit.

So Will We Be Hearing More From Charles, Or Was This Just a Foot in the Doorway?

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The YouTuber said he will have to deal with “the court of public opinion” until the case is settled, according to Dexerto.

It seems that Charles will being going back inn hiding and will “wait patiently and come back when the time is right.”

At the time of publishing, full context of court documents pertaining to the story were not immediately available.

Charles should keep off social media and be more focused on dealing with his own problems instead of creating more.

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