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Alex Rodriguez Spotted For First Time Since J. Lo's Rekindling With Ben Affleck

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By Mario Perez

There is no doubt that Alex Rodriguez is having one of the worst times of his life. Following a very public breakup from former fiance, Jennifer Lopez the former baseball star has had to learn from the tabloids that just about a month since the two split Lopez went on a full-week vacation with former boyfriend Ben Affleck.

What could be even worse for Rodriguez, a former New York Yankee, is that Affleck just so happens to be a die-hard Red Sox fan!

Alex Spotted Out & About

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For the first time since his split from Jlo and then the subsequent rumors of her rekindling her love with Ben Affleck, A-Rod was spotted at a Miami restaurant. He was actually meeting Stevie Mackie of all people at the restaurant.

Mackie is well known around the business for being a vocal coach to many top singers. Including, of course, Jennifer Lopez who would have most likely introduced Rodriguez to Mackie. Unless A-Rod was taking vocal lessons instead of batting practice back in the day.

The Jab At Ben Affleck

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When confronted by reporters at the restaurant and directly asked what thought about Lopez's vacation with Affleck. Rodriguez just responded,

" Go Yankees".

A lot of speculation has been made around the simple comment. With media outlets diving deep into the worm-hole and exploring the Redsox-Yankee rivalry in depth. It could be that Rodriguez was trying to take a little jab at Affleck with the comment. Maybe though, he really didn't know what else to say. Most people would be at a loss of words if their fiance went on vacation with an ex only a month after breaking off their engagement.

The Alleged Love Letters

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Around the time of the breakup, the reason that was being given was the Jlo felt that she couldn't trust Alex. Rodriguez apparently slid into a couple of women's DM's in the past. This was something Jlo was obviously not on board with.

Turns out though, she probably had some skeletons in the closet as well. As we reported earlier Affleck and Lopez were in contact via email since February of this year. It wasn't just Alex who was keeping in touch with someone other than his fiance!

Matt Damon Weighed In On The Rumors

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Other celebrities are also being pushed to talk about the romance going on between Ben and Jen. Matt Damon was on the "Today" show and he got asked about the couple. Damon mentioned that there was not enough booze in the world to get him to discuss the topic. Obviously hinting towards the fact that he knows what's up.

In the end, though Damon did say he hoped that the two would be on to something. Since, he "loves them both".

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