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Will Harry & Meghan Honor Diana With New Baby Girl's Name?

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By Mario Perez

It's no secret that most of the stories surrounding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are filled with controversy and intrigue. Despite all of the family issues that grab the headlines we have to remember that a joyful occasion is coming up for the couple. As they get set to welcome their second child, a daughter named ...

You can bet on anything these days. Including the name of the new royal baby. So far there has been no official announcement from Harry and Meghan's camp regarding the baby's name. The bookies though are already lining up a couple of favorites!

The Name Diana Is The Clubhouse Leader

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If you're planning on placing a bet there are probably a couple of things that you should consider. To the surprise of no one, the name Diana is the most likely name for the new royal baby according to Odds Checker.

There has been a surge though of names like Phillipa to honor of course the late Prince Phillip, Harry's grandfather. Other names on the list could actually help Harry and Meghan mend their relationship with the rest of the family. A new little Elizabeth could maybe soften the Queen's stance on outcasting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex from the family.

There's Already Another Diana In The Family

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Unlike most people, the royals are known for having 3 or 4 surnames and sometimes not even a clear last name to pair with those names. Just ask, Henry Charles Albert David Wales, also known as Prince Harry! One of the issues with the name Diana other than it maybe wouldn't be great considering how some royals have tried to diminish her stamp on the family, is that there's already another Diana in the family.

Princess Charlotte's full name is, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana Mountbatten-Windsor. William even had first dibs on his grandma's and mom's name. Harry really is second in everything in his family!

The Long Shots

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There is also a possibility that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wish to honor the baby's American heritage as well. That would be a great way to make sure that they are never invited back to Buckingham Palace. Anyway, oddsmakers are also giving people a chance to put their money on "different names".

Oprah for example is currently sitting at +5000 or about a 2% chance. Kamala is also a name that oddsmakers have thrown into the ring. Kamala is sitting at +1600.

When Is The Baby Due?

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For months now we've speculated that the due date for Harry and Meghan's baby was "around this summer". From more recent news though, we're able to make a more educated guess on the exact date of the birth. Since it was reported that she was 7 months pregnant by the time that Prince Phillip sadly passed away, she could deliver in middle to late June.

If you put in your bet now, you won't have to wait that long to find out if you've won some dough!

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