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Ayesha Curry close up

Ayesha Curry Shows Off Lucky Charms Breakfast Hack

By Rebecca Cukier

Ayesha Curry, who dropped 35 pounds in quarantine, is showing off how a sugary breakfast cereal can be balanced out. The 31-year-old cookbook queen and wife to NBA superstar Steph Curry, fresh from revealing that her famous husband craves popcorn when he comes home, has been showcasing her morning eats. Posting for her 7.3 million Instagram followers over the weekend, the "Sweet July" founder shared her rather messy and ordinary breakfast cereal bowl, but there was a twist on the Lucky Charms. Check it out below.

Breakfast Of Champions

Ayesha Curry in gym wear

Scroll for the photo. It comes as Ayesha promotes breakfast foods overall, with late April seeing fans losing it over her bagel spreading photo, one that came shouting out plant-based So Delicious brand.

Ayesha, who now fronts FitBit App following her pandemic weight loss, showed fans that age is but a number when it comes to child-friendly cereals and that just like everyone else, celebrities adore Lucky Charms. The photo showed a bowl of the rainbow cereal with milk, with regular golden flakes also mixed in.

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Ayesha Curry cooking at a stove

Half-eaten and with marshmallow pieces smeared across the bowl's edges, the morning bowl came with a spoon in it and what looked like quite the balance as multicolor hoops had also been thrown in. "BALANCE...RIGHT?" the mom of three joked. Ayesha also peeped her toned legs as the bowl rested on them, wearing simple light shorts.

Ayesha, who marked her 35-pound drop by squeezing back into her engagement dress, has also opened up on her actual breakfast, something that includes something a little more adult.

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A cereal bowl

Speaking last year, the "Family Food Fight" host revealed: "Typically, I have a glass of hot water with some lemon in it," adding:"I love it; it warms me up and makes me feel good."

"Then, I do a version of a bulletproof coffee with a little bit of ghee and a little bit of MCT oil."

Post-workout, where photos have included Golden State Warriors player Steph:" I'll have some sort of salad with protein. I've been loving shaved Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and kale with salmon." More photos below!

Weight Loss Brings In $$$

Ayesha Curry indoors in matching set

Ayesha is likely charging a pretty penny as she fronts FitBit. The super-healthy star, who loves the brand's Versa 2 equipment, also revealed: "My Fitbit truly helped me figure out my health and wellness and navigate through this journey."

"It's about how I feel inside and pacing myself so that, the things I've picked up over the past year can truly become part of my day-to-day routine."

March marked Ayesha peeping her actual workouts in an energetic hike with Steph. If you missed the "WAP" frenzy Ayesha unleashed while mopping floors in shorts, just scroll.

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