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L.A. Lakers Will Get A 9-Part Docuseries On Hulu in 2022

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By Mario Perez

A lot of sports broadcasting companies these days are still posting things on social media that tend to read, "On this day in episodes, 5 and 6 of The Last Dance, Michael Jordan said ..."

There is no question that the documentary took the sports world by storm. Since it was released during the pandemic a lot of people had not many better things to do than sit and watch. Hulu hopes to recapture the attention and the magic that "The Last Dance" had with a new docuseries based on the Los Angeles Lakers.

What We Know

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The docuseries is set to explore not just one season from the franchise or the championships runs that the team had in the Kobe and Shaq era. Which, was an idea for a show that floated around for a while.

Instead, the 9 part docuseries will highlight multiple years of the franchise. Starting in 1979 when Doctor Jerry Buss bought the franchise. It seems a fitting way to start since the series was agreed upon by Jennie Buss current Laker boss and Hulu.

This Won't Be The Kobe Documentary

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Around the time that "The Last Dance" was released rumors started circling that Kobe Bryant had, had a film crew follow him around to document his last season as a professional. While there's a good chance that Kobe's final Lakers' season will get a mention on this show this is not the potential documentary that has been teased for a while.

Again, this is going to be a look back at the Lakers' franchise in the years that the team has been managed by the Buss family.

Who Will Be Taking The Project?

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The series is set to be directed by Antoine Fuqua. He is the director of prominent action films like Training Day and "The Equalizer". It's going to be interesting to see if we get Shaq, Kobe, or LeBron in Denzel Washington-like cuts.

Hulu's VP of original series who will oversee the project mentioned,

"Theirs is a history of epic highs and tragic lows, and generations of legendary players and teams who have made a profound impact, not just on the sports world, but on the culture."

A Great Way To Distract From This Season's Woes

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The Lakers ended an emotional season with a victory in the NBA playoffs held in a "bubble" in Orlando. This year though, things are not looking as great. LeBron James' age is starting to show as he's had to battle with injuries all season.

When it comes to injuries, Anthony Davis' name also comes up. The brow has also missed quite a few games. All of this has played a role in having the Lakers en route to the play-in tournament to be able to even get into the playoffs. No doubt this Hulu news comes at a perfect time to divert the attention off the struggling team.

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