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Jessica Simpson making a surprised face

Jessica Simpson Gushes Over 7-Year-Old Son's Baseball Skills

Jessica Simpson / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Jessica Simpson has already cemented herself as a die-hard sports mom and is letting everyone know that her son, Ace, is heading for the big leagues someday. The "Irresistible" singer took to Instagram over Mother's Day weekend and sang the praises of her 7-year-old slugger, who was just bestowed with the honor of making it on his little league's all-star squad.

Jessica is making it clear she always knew her son was destined to be an athlete and is already clearing off the mantle for the years of trophies to come.

Big Fan

Jessica Simpson and her son at baseball
Jessica Simpson / Instagram

Sharing a photo of herself and Ace, the son she shares with her husband Eric Johnson, Jessica Simpson spoke about her intuitions that he would one day be a gifted ballplayer.

"When Ace was in my belly I told everyone and anyone who’d listen that he would dominate a baseball field when he was old enough and would more than likely never ever end up putting the bat far my intuition was correct," Jessica stated.

She added that Ace is "SO naturally gifted, laser focused, instinctual, bats the ball out of the park, pitches strike outs, and owns his confidence with a humble grin."

Gearing Up for Summer Ball

Jessica Simpson with her family
Jessica Simpson / Instagram

Jessica's praise for Ace comes as the young stud just made his little league's all-star team, and she writes, "Ace is honestly as good as it gets and as ready as ever to continue exceeding with pure excellence. I am so proud of my only son. when mama knows she knows."

Jessica, who recently announced a huge deal with Amazon, is gearing up for a long summer of travel ball as she and the family follow Ace around for his games.

"You are gonna have the best summer ever, bud! You make this family SO proud, every single week, as you own your gift and love of baseball!" his proud mama wrote.

Love For Her Own Mama

Jessica Simpson and Tina Simpson
Jessica Simpson / Instagram

Along with recognizing her own family's accomplishments, Jessica Simpson could not let Mother's Day go by without paying tribute to the matriarch in her own family, Tina Simpson.

"Happy Mother’s Day to the body, heart, and soul that has brought me into this life, carried and given me the divine love and power effortlessly held within in your heart. I have learned all that I know in this world from you, the star wrote about her mother in a photo shared on Instagram.

Tina Simpson is known for being the ultimate stage mom and supporter of both Jessica and Ashlee Simpson while shepherding the girls through the early stages of their careers.

Sounds like Tina also knew her daughter was going to be a star someday.

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