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Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton Transforms Into a Beautiful Blonde Mermaid In 'Authentic Self' Affirmation Video

By Jeff Mazzeo

Paris Hilton's authentic self is a mermaid, apparently!

The stunning heiress transformed into a beautiful mermaid for some positive affirmations on Saturday, May 8. She teamed up with the stress-relieving supplement, Paris X Reset, and starred in the interesting campaign.

"I inspire others by being my authentic self," Hilton said while flipping her fin in the water.

She was decked out in a sparkly blue tail (no more legs) and a bikini top made out of faux seashells. Check out her mermaid style below!

Paris Hilton as a mermaid.

Paris repeated the positive affirmation several times while she splashed around, as mermaids are known to do. "Shine like the star you are āœØ The next time you doubt yourself, remember to say this #Sliving affirmation to replace that worry with self-love šŸ’“šŸ’“," she wrote in the caption of her post.

Her positive message worked on her millions of followers. "Amazing mermaid Paris šŸ˜," an excited fan commented, while another said, "Te amo Paris!!! You always make me smile šŸ˜˜šŸ˜˜."

Paris The Activist

Paris Hilton at the Utah State building.

Paris' efforts to make the world a better place go well beyond her mermaid affirmations. On Friday, she posted a picture of her in Utah and celebrated her success in getting a historic bill passed.

"The historic SB127 bill in Utah that was signed into law last month became enforceable this week, and Iā€™m so happy to be a part of the first step to creating systemic change!! āœŠšŸ¼ " Hilton wrote on social media.

"This law finally protects thousands of youth in residential care from cruel punishments and treatments, like seclusion, strip searches, chemical and peer restraint and more. It also ensures youth have unmonitored communication with their families and prevents gender-based discrimination in these facilitates. I am working with my impact team and everyone at #BreakingCodeSilence to keep pushing until this issue and more protections reach the federal level."

Paris continued, "Looking back at my time at Provo Canyon, I am so proud to be using my voice today to stop child and teen abuse from ever happening again for future generations. ā¤ļø #ISeeYouSurvivor #Justice #Impact"

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