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Raya Kicks Out TikTok User Who Exposed Conversations With Matthew Perry

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By Mario Perez

This Raya app runs a little bit like the Continental Hotel in John Wick or Fight Club for that matter. Yesterday, we reported that Kate Haralson a user on the app decided to post a video of her facetime conversation with Matthew Perry to TikTok.

On the heels of another user exposing her interactions with Ben Affleck. The news obviously picked up quite a bit of steam. So much so that she decided to delete the video. That didn’t save her from having her membership terminated.

How Things Went Down

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Haralson mentioned that she had matched with Perry through the Raya app. Almost immediately Perry asked to take the conversation to Facetime. This is where the two played 20 questions and Perry asked if he was “As old as her dad”.

Haralson mentioned that the part of the conversation that she had posted on TikTok was a small video that her friend had been able to record when she was talking to Perry. In her first interview with Page Six, Haralson was clear that Perry did not make any type of sexual suggestions or anything of the sort.

Why The Ban?

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As we mentioned yesterday, Raya is a very exclusive app that only accepts around 8% of the people that apply for membership. After these interactions that percentage is likely to drop as many people are going to be looking for a chance to catfish celebrities for sure.

Anyway, the Raya rules on privacy are kind of vague. The page gives a very general description of what is expected citing,

“Every member is expected to follow our simple rules of respect, trust, and privacy.”

She Could Fight The Ban

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Haralson could certainly fight the ban if she wanted to. Of course, we’ve all seen how much power these membership online platforms actually have. Twitter ban the sitting president of the United States and was able to uphold its ban.

In this case, though, it can be argued that the interaction that she recorded and then published with Perry was not taking place through the app. Perry himself was the one who suggested that they take their conversation to Facetime. Therefore, he decided to forgo the protection that Raya provides.

Looking To Move On


Although she could fight it Haralson is ready to move on. At least that is what she told PageSix in a new interview this Friday. She told the outlet,

“I feel fine about it. I never really used it anymore anyways.”

She also added that she had pretty much, expected something like this to happen. Haralson had said that she only intended it to be a joke when she first went public with the video. Therefore, she wasn’t all too pleased with the attention that she got.

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