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Howard Stern's Wife, Beth, Strips Down To Lingerie While Cleaning 'Kitten Poop!!'

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By Mike Walters

Howard Stern's wife just proved you can do chores around the house, like cleaning up after your pet's poop, but still look smoking hot while doing it!!

Beth Stern just took to Instagram showing off one of her morning routines, where she cleans up the 'kitty poop' all over the house before she moves on to the adult foster cats.

As you know, the Stern family is big in the animal rescue business and has a host of animals inside their house at any given time. But, in this case, the kitty's mess ended up on her clothes, so she stripped down to her bra and underwear to finish the job! It is AMAZING!

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"My husband always laughs at me during mid-morning kitty rounds when I have to take off my stinky kitten poop clothes before I go to my adult fosters. Isn’t my life glamorous?! 💩😂🤦‍♀️ " Beth captioned the stunning photo.

She included several hashtags, including "#strippinginbetweenrounds, #poopykittenclothes #hopethismakesyoulaugh, and #morningworkout."

Obviously, the photo isn't supposed to show off how incredibly sexy the supermodel is, but it is hard not to notice how much the foster mother is on FIRE! (Poop or no poop).

This isn't the first time Stern's wife has melted down the internet while promoting the cat foster life -- a few weeks back she posted a picture sporting her new cat bikini! Check This Out!

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A few famous friends couldn't help but comment on the smoking hot photo, including 'Biggest Loser' star Bob Harper who wrote, "I think I’m straight after looking at this photo."

"Even stripping down from kitten poopy you are gorgeous, my dear! XO," a fan said. Another added, "I don’t think people realize at least I didn’t until you post something like this….exactly how your life starts in the morning🙀😸😻…you have your hands full for sure."

As always, someone pointed out how lucky Howard is for being married to this beautiful human being, saying, "He is a lucky man indeed to be graced with your amazing being everyday."

One person said it clearly, "The hottest cat lady ever!🔥❤️🔥❤️❤️❤️."

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Howard Stern, Luckiest Guy In The World...


As you know, Howard and Beth are very open about their work with fostering and rescuing animals. Beth recently opened up during the pandemic about the process of adopting and caring for an animal in need.

It's a chance to "provide a temporary home to an animal in need until the animal is ready for permanent placement." she said. Adding, "It also gives a potential adopter the opportunity to ensure a good fit for them. A real win-win.”

Bottom line, the major winner here is Howard Stern!

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