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Floyd Mayweather Threatens To KILL Jake Paul During Brutal Confrontation

By Mike Walters

Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather's boxing match press conference just got insanely physical -- but, it wasn't between the two fighters, it involved his brother -- Jake Paul.

Insane footage just surfaced of the 'YouTube' star confronting Mayweather at his brother's press conference, where the two stars argued over possibly fighting each other -- on the same night!

But, during the melee, Jake reached up and snatched Floyd's hat right off of his head, and all hell broke loose!

The ensuing brawl was all caught on tape and ended with the legendary boxer threatening to KILL the influencer.

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Floyd Mayweather: Ill Kill You Motherf--ker!!


As you can see, Jake literally reaches over and grabs Floyd Mayweather's hat. The move causes a gigantic brawl, in which it appears punches were thrown.

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After the two sides were separated by security, you can hear Floyd shout, "I'll kill you motherf--ker!!" As for Logan, apparently, he was physically restrained by his team so that he doesn't get himself injured during the situation and cost himself the fight on June 6.

The fights press conference had its fair share of drama as well, which included Logan Paul bringing up Mayweather's past domestic violence.

See The Video...Below.

See The INSANE Video!


During the heated exchange, Floyd called both Paul brothers "two fake fighters" to which Logan responded, "the only thing that's fake on this stage is Floyd's f--king hairline."

The Paul's mocked Mayweather's age during the press conference which made the boxer comment that he is going to whip their a--es like his own grandchildren.

BTW -- In true YouTuber fashion, Jake Paul shared a video of himself preparing to steal Floyd's hat (ya, he set the whole thing up) and discussed the brawl in a bathroom after getting his shirt ripped. As for why the hat...Jake says "I stole his hat because he steals people's money with boring fights." It is INSANE!

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