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Seattle Seahawks DK Metcalf Will Look To Qualify For The Olympics

By Mario Perez

Last year one of the best plays of the NFL season saw Seahawks wide receiver D.K. Metcalf sprint the entire length of the field and tackle Arizona Cardinals defensive back Budda Baker. The play made the rounds on social media and had even non-football fans with their jaws on the floor.

The play got a lot of people wondering how fast D.K. Metcalf really was. Including Metcalf himself. Reports indicate that Metcalf is going to be looking to qualify for the summer Olympics in Tokyo.

How Fast Does Metcalf Run?

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The last public record that we have on Metcalf's speed is his 4.33 40 yard dash at the 2019 Scouting Combine. The event is where college football players go to showcase their skills before the pro scouts. Prior to the NFL draft.

Analysis of the play against Budda Baker showed that Metcalf was able to reach a maximum speed of 22.64 mph. This speed though, was with Metcalf in full football pads and running on grass. He'd have to reach much faster speeds to be able to qualify for the Olympics.

How Fast Does He Need To Go?

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Metcalf's 22.64 mph speed is certainly impressive. Particularly when you take into account that he was in full gear. That speed is way below Olympic standards. The record speed that Usain Bolt was able to reach in his prime was a little below 28 mph by most estimations.

To be able to qualify for the Olympics Metcalf would have to cover the entire distance of the 100-meter track in at the most 10.5 seconds. That time would have seen him come in second to last place in the 100 meter final in the last Olympic Games.

When Is He Running?

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We'll be able to find out soon enough if DK Metcalf is faster than some of the countries top sprinters. The Seahawks player is going to be taking part in the 2021 USATF Golden Games and Distance Open in Walnut California this Sunday.

He won't be facing off against any of the American sprinters that made it to the last Olympic games. However, the field is packed with some of the best up-and-coming talent that the nation's top colleges have to offer.

Which Other NFL Players Could Compete?

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When people talk about the fastest players in the NFL D.K. Metcalf's name may be on the list, but he probably doesn't top it. Most fans would say that Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill is the fastest man on the gridiron. Although Raiders' young receiver Henry Ruggs ran a much faster 40 time at the combine.

These two are likely to be watching D.K. closely this weekend to see how he matches up against the completion. Maybe they decide to give track a go if they see him have success.

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