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Broadway Set To Reopen At Full Capacity In September

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By Mario Perez

This is the best news that theater fans and actors alike have received since the complete shutdown of Broadway in March of 2020. Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced an official date of September 14th in which the state will allow theaters to reopen at 100% capacity and get back to business as usual.

The theater has certainly been one of the hardest-hit industries. Even as some other events have been able to return with limited spectator capacity the theaters had remained closed.

Vaccination Segregation?

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Other events such as sports are going to be able to reopen fully much sooner than theater. The Yankees and the Mets for example are going to be able to open at full capacity on May 19th. However, the guidelines for the reopening are a bit unclear.

Governor Cuomo mentioned that if the event is attended by vaccinated people the stadium can be open at 100% capacity. If they have non-vaccinated sections those still need to follow certain social distancing protocols. This could certainly spark a segregation movement against unvaccinated individuals.

Masks Still To Be Worn

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Guidelines are seemingly all over the place at this point. Essentially Governor Cuomo is looking to bring a sense of normality back. He mentioned that fully vaccinated people can fill up a section while adding,

"Sit next to each other in a section, sit next to your friend, sit next to your family. Just normal capacity.”

You can sit next to your friends, but you still need to be wearing a mask at all times at the stadium. No distancing now though just masks!

Get Vaccinated Get A Ticket

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For teams and entertainment companies, it's obviously going to be a better deal to have fully vaccinated folks in the stands. Cuomo clearly mentioned that these measures cannot be labeled as segregation. Although he did offer an idea to solve the issue.

Essentially, he encouraged teams to hold promos where people could be vaccinated prior to entering the stadium and would get a free ticket for doing so. This could be a two-edged sword as current unvaccinated people may want to wait for that next Yankees instead of heading to the pharmacy right away!

Back To Broadway

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Sorry for the detour through the Bronx, we are now back on Broadway. Tickets for the September shows are going to be put on sale starting tomorrow.

Some of the Broadway favorites like the Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, and The Lion King are set to be back on track. Some of the recent stars like Diana, Hamilton, and Harry Potter, and Cursed Child are also set to resume their shows. Actors for these shows will most likely have a lot of work to do catching up with their lines from now until September.

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