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Kim Kardashian: I Didn't Smuggle In Any Ancient Romanian Sculptures!

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By Mike Walters

Kim Kardashian is breaking her silence claiming she did NOT purchase an ancient Roman sculpture that federal authorities claimed was smuggled into the country illegally, in her name.

According to multiple reports, back in 2016, an antique statue arrived in the Port of Los Angeles and was seized by the U.S Customs and Border Protection. At the time, a broker for the materials listed the buyer or the "consignee, or buyer, and importer" as "Kim Kardashian dba Noel Roberts Trust."

Of course, this makes it appear that Kim and the trust which is used to purchase her real estate properties, is the one buying the illegal property.

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Justice Department

The shipment was described as containing "antiques, furniture, and decorations" which had 40 pieces in is "all valued at $745,882."

It should be noted, the documents associated with this case do NOT accuse Kim Kardashian or her family of any wrongdoing.

In the shipment, one item included a statue which appears to be the bottom of a human body carved into stone. It is a "Fragment of Myron's Samian Athena, Limestone, Roman, 1st – 2nd century A.D.," according to a civil complaint filed in federal court.

Italian officials believe the priceless art was originally "looted" from Italy and are asking for it to be returned.

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Kim Kardashian Says 'This Is The First She Has Learned Of It's Existence'


A representative for Kardashian says, "This is the first that she has learned of its existence."

They continued, "We believe it may have been purchased using her name without authorization and because it was never received, she was unaware of the transaction. We encourage an investigation and hope that it gets returned to the rightful owners."

During the investigation, authorities say they found "contradictions" in the documents for the items. The feds seized the statue after the broker did not provide "sufficient" documentation to American authorities.

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In the end, the U.S government says Italian archaeologists concluded the piece shows signs of having been in Italy during the Roman Empire, and their is NO legal records of it being exported.

"Based on the information and scientific aspects the archaeologist provided, the archaeologist opined that the defendant statue was looted, smuggled and illegally exported from Italy," the filing states.

Adding, it's a "Classical Peplophoros style" which represents a copy of an original Greek sculpture."

The good news, if the feds wish to question Kim Kardashian any further -- she could represent herself!

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