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Serena Williams on the court

Serena Williams Assumed Pregnant In Pink Swimsuit Surprise

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By Rebecca Cukier

Serena Williams has sparked major speculation that she's expecting baby number two. The 39-year-old tennis superstar dropped a massive swimsuit surprise on her Instagram this week, with melt-worthy and gorgeous photos of a trio swimsuit deal showing the former World no. 1 twinning in a pink Nike swimsuit with both 3-year-old daughter Olympian and a doll. The poolside photos bringing in some Qai Qai toy action came with the star's usual rock-hard muscles, but it looks like fans are spotting something else. Check it out below.

Starts Off Straight-Forward

Serena Williams on court with daughter

Scroll for the photo. Serena, who has been making headlines for getting candid about motherhood in lock-down and last year confessed to "side-eyeing" daughter Olympian as she coughed, updated with everyone standing in a row - and that included a doll. Serena, confidently posing and looking windswept and gorgeous, rocked a classic-cut and hot pink bathing suit from the Nike sports brand she fronts, with Olympian looking cute as a button in the same look.

A teeny tiny Qai Qai doll forming the third lady in the row also sported the pink swimwear.

Qai Qai Energy

Serena Williams twinning in swimsuit with daughter

Keep scrolling for the snap. Qai Qai is Olympian's well-known doll and now somewhat of a social media phenomenon. In October 2020, retail giant Amazon began retailing them. Serena took to her caption, telling fans:

"When @nike makes a swimsuit for not just @olympiaohanian but @realqaiqai too. How amazing is this @ehrmannspartners view? 😍😍."

Nike definitely delivered with this one, but the star's followers are now convinced that the post might have been announcing a pregnancy. See the replies and more photos below.

'I Spy What You Spy'

Gaining likes was a reply reading: "Thought this was a pregnancy announcement," with a user quickly responding: "I spy what you spy." A third jumped in, agreeing, and writing: "I also thought it was an announcement of sorts."

Serena is married to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. The 2017-married couple have one daughter and, clearly, a fanbase keen to see the family head-count bumped up. Others, meanwhile, gushed over Serena's mini-me: "It’s the legs for me! Olympia is getting so big😍," one wrote. More photos after the jump.

Career And Motherhood

Serena continues to make headlines for sharing her motherhood journey on Instagram, not limited to her hilarious 2020 apple pie-making, this delivered in a burst-open Disney dress that didn't fit. More serious headlines are, however made, as Williams raises her daughter with a strong ethic and positivity.

“When I tell her she’s beautiful, I want to teach her that she’s beautiful from the inside. Giving is beauty. Being kind and humble is the ultimate beauty," the mom of one told Allure. Scroll for the burst-open Disney dress if you missed it.

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