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Does Anna Faris Regret Marrying Chris Pratt?

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By Mario Perez

This week on her "Anna Faris is Unqualified" podcast, the former star of Mom opened up about her past relationships. There was certainly a common theme throughout the podcast which was a bit of regret.

Faris talked about how she mismanaged many of the issues that happened during her relationships. That was ultimately in her view what led to the downfall. However, she feels that it could have been a good idea to call it quits with some of her ex's way before she ultimately did.

Does She Regret Marrying Chris Pratt?

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Although Faris didn't come out and directly state that she outright regrets her decision to marry Chris Pratt she did mention a couple of things that hinted towards that. For example, she said,

" I really feel like calling off an engagement is a smarter stronger braver move."

She then added, "Than what I did which was, well I guess everyone is expecting this so let's just go through with it."

These were not the only comments that the actress made about some of her previous relationships.

Was She Referring To Pratt?

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As was mentioned before she did not call out Pratt by name when she described how she felt about potentially calling off an engagement. Since she's been married twice before she could've easily been referring to Ben Indra, right?

Well yes and no, in an earlier part of the interview she discusses other elements from her previous relationships that did not go as planned. Here she does mention issues that she feels directly affected her relationship with Pratt. While kind of brushing off whatever could have happened with Indra.

Not Telling Friends, Not Making Personal Decisions

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In the conversation, she also mentioned that she never really talked about her problems with Chris Pratt to anyone. Even in her close circle of friends. While hinting that protecting how their relationship was perceived as important to Pratt. Essentially she just went along with it.

Also, she stated that she felt her hand was forced in many decisions in her past marriages. All of this can come across as if she's trying to throw shade at her ex-partners. Saying she didn't really make many decisions in the relationship. Whose fault is it though?

Everyone Has Moved On

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Talking about how calling off an engagement can be a good idea was probably not something that Faris's fiance, cinematographer Michael Barrett was looking to hear at this point. In any case, it seems that all of the people referenced in the podcast including Faris have moved on.

Chris Pratt is married to Katherine Schwarzenegger and has a young daughter with her. Faris is still engaged, at least until Michael Barrett listens to the podcast and takes the hint. Faris's other ex Ben Indra fell off the map. Scratch that, Pratt has moved on. Everyone else, we'll see!

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