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Elena Davies taking a selfie

'Big Brother' Alum Elena Davies Undergoing Emergency Neck Surgery

Elena Davies / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Former "Big Brother" contestant Elena Davies has finally been given some good news after days of excruciating pain, the only problem is she must undergo emergency surgery to repair the damage. 30-year-old Davies took to Instagram Sunday afternoon with a long message updating fans after being admitted to the hospital days earlier in an unbearable state.

At the time, the reality star described the severe pain as the worst she has ever felt and admitted that she needed to be fully sedated in order to sit through the extensive testing and evaluation that was needed to get to the root of the issue.

The Diagnosis

Elena Davies lying in hospital bed
Elena Davies / Instagram

"The CT scan and blood testing all returned normal (not surprising) but they literally had to put my ass under complete anesthesia to get this MRI. LMFAO! God, am I so dramatic or what??" Elena Davies wrote to fans while showing herself clutching a teddy bear from her hospital bed.

The reality star, who also appeared on MTV's "Ex On the Beach," revealed that doctors told her she has a "huge, bulging, herniated disc in my C6 and C7 in my spine that is crushing the nerves in my neck, left shoulder, arm, hand, and causing spinal stenosis."

What Is Spinal Stenosis?

Medical diagram of spinal stenosis
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Occuring most often in the lower neck and back, the Mayo Clinic describes spinal stenosis as:

"A narrowing of the spaces within your spine, which can put pressure on the nerves that travel through the spine."

Davies described her injury as so severe that normal medication is unable to subdue the pain and doctors recommended that surgery be performed on Monday. She said the surgeons will "remove the herniated disc and replace it with an artificial disc that was made for me."

Feeling the Love

Elena Davies glam selfie
Elena Davies / Instagram

In perhaps her greatest moment of pain and vulnerability, the former "Big Brother" star is letting her friends and fans know how much the love and support has meant throughout her medical emergency.

"I literally do FEEEEEEL all the love, prayers, light, peace, comfort, and kindness from all of my people here and, again, as DRAMATIC as it sounds... y’all’s love is literally getting me through each torturous moment," Davies wrote to fans in her message.

Her surgery is scheduled Monday at noon.

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