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OJ Simpson and Nik Richie

OJ Simpson & Nik Richie Killing It During Las Vegas Hangout

Nik Richie / Instagram
By Gary Trock

O.J. Simpson is living his best life in Las Vegas and was seen over the weekend cutting it up with media mogul, Nik Richie. The CEO of CelebMagazine was pictured hanging with the famous ex-convict at JING Las Vegas, a trendy Asian cuisine eatery in downtown Summerlin.

Nik Richie, who has been traveling across the coast partying it up as the U.S. continues to loosen restrictions, bumped into O.J. by chance, and we're told the former NFL star couldn't help but marvel about how great his life is these days.

Loving Las Vegas

OJ Simpson in pink polo on the golf course
OJ Simpson / Twitter

We're told Simpson, who lives in a nearby Las Vegas suburb and spends his days golfing and mixing it up in nightclubs, could not help himself when discussing how he's perceived in public.

“Nik my life is amazing. Everyone loves me again," he told the owner of CelebMagazine.

"Amazing" is a far cry from where O.J. was nearly 27 years ago after allegedly slaughtering his ex-wife, Nicole Brown, and her lover Ron Goldman at their former marital home in the ritzy neighborhood of Brentwood, CA.

Mixing It Up On Twitter


OJ Simpson has been enjoying his life of public commentary ever since he was released from prison and signed up for Twitter. He recently made headlines after serving up some criticism to LeBron James after the NBA star took major heat following a controversial now-deleted tweet that was sent to a police officer who fatally shot a young woman brandishing a knife.

"You can’t fight every battle. You know, you got to pick your battles," The Juice told LeBron via Twitter.

He continued, "It’s a war that must be fought but sometimes you need to take your time and be a little more patient before you comment on some of these bad incidents that are happening with police departments ... LeBron should have waited.”

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