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Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook at home

Kaley Cuoco's Husband In Trouble Over Unwelcome Sunset Snap

By Rebecca Cukier

Kaley Cuoco is unimpressed with her billionaire heir husband Karl Cook taking unflattering photos of her. The 35-year-old "Big Bang Theory" star, married to equestrian Karl since 2018, was brave enough to share the sunset photo he took of her on Friday, but the story posted for Kaley's Instagram followers didn't come without a comment. Posting for her 6.6 million fans and from her $12 million Hidden Hills home, Kaley shared stunning snaps and one she deemed not so stunning. Check it out below.

Starts Off Straight-Forward

Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook at Target

Scroll for the photo. Kaley, making 2020 headlines for ending her "unconventional marriage" to Karl as the two finally moved in together, kicked off with a smiling and posed photo. "The Flight Attendant" actress, stunning with a makeup-free glow and in a dark red shirt, was seen chilling on her outdoor terrace with Karl –"NOW HAVING A PHOTOSHOOT CAUSE THIS NATURAL SUNSET MOOD LIGHTING IS EPIC," the blonde wrote.

That "epic" lighting seemed to be a temporary deal, as the next photo showed.

She's Not A Fan

Kaley and Karl selfie

Keep scrolling for the photo, one that fans might argue actually showed the girl behind Penny in a pretty favorable light. The snap came without Karl, with Kaley shown shot close up and candidly, laughing and with one hand held close up to her face.

All messy-haired and seemingly not prepared for the photo, Kaley posted it anyway, writing: "THEN HE TOOK THIS AND IT WASN'T FUNNY cause I hate this angle." Not the first time Karl has been in trouble, with Kaley putting him in the dog house over Christmas 2020.

See More Photos Below!


Kaley and Karl, who have been spending their quarantine with Kaley's 32-year-old sister Briana Cuoco, have been making headlines for their marriage, not limited to Kaley's Koala Challenge as she got a pajama piggy back from her husband while in lock-down.

Then came Karl giving Kaley major wood – quite literally – for her recent 35th birthday. A bathrobe video of the star, seen below, showed the massive hand-carved wood gift Karl went to a lot of trouble to acquire, and Kaley was near-crying.

Giving Her Wood

Posting in November 2020 as she admired the gift while sitting on it, Kaley wrote:

"I think I’m the only girl that receives this kind of gift from her hubs 💕💕 a custom (YES he made it ) mounting block made from salvaged wood, for our ranch, embedded with my horses actual shoes. For non horse people, this is something used to help get on your horses and it’s nothing short of amazing ! 🥰🥰😭😭🐴🦄 @mrtankcook 🎁."

For an actual unflattering shot, scroll for the "nightmare" bed photo of Kaley that Karl absolutely shouldn't have taken.

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