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Mario Lopez Detailed How 10-Year-Old Daughter Walked In On Him Having Sex

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By Mario Perez

In a recent interview with Lisa Vanderpump's Overserved series, Mario Lopez and his wife, Courtney opened up about how they keep the spark in their marriage alive even when taking care of three kids. The couple revealed that they are surprised that they don't have another baby on the way just yet.

Even though they have to care for their kids and balance their home and work life they still find more than enough time to get it on! The couple did mention though that they had a traumatic experience when their ten-year-old, Gia Franchesca walked in on them.

Trying To Sneak In A Quickie

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The Lopez's try to be as sneaky as possible when they are trying to get some alone time. Particularly when they get the urge pretty much in the middle of the day. On this particular occasion, they decided that they could hide from their kids in the guest room, at least for a while.

They happen to be right in the thick of things when they heard their daughter open the door. Mario mentioned, "So this is the worst thing, right? I was like lightning with the covers."

Having "The Talk"

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After the shock, Mario came back to his senses and decided that he had to confront his daughter and talk openly about what had happened. The problem was she was nowhere to be found! The couple was not able to find their daughter for the next hour.

Ultimately though, the Lopez family was able to sit down and go over the awkward moment. From what Mario details, their house is probably quite big. They could be a little better at finding hiding spots when they want some alone time!

Making It Work

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Mario and Courtney also shared that as parents the "quickie" is the best way to keep that spark alive in the marriage. Although, Mario didn't exactly come out looking like the greatest Latin lover of all time with what the couple shared.

Courtney revealed that it only takes Mario, "however many minutes", implying that most of their romantic encounters are pretty short-lived. Mario quickly defended himself saying, "I would be shagging you every day if it was only a couple of minutes,"

Lopez Is Still Doing What He Does Best

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Mario Lopez is still hosting Access Hollywood and he is getting ready to take part in the second season of the revival of Saved by The Bell. The series in which he's also a producer and runs on Peacock.

He hosted the Miss Universe pageant in 2020, and he continues to make different types of appearances on TV and commercials. An active work life, 3 kids, and a wife at home, and he still finds time for a quickie! That's one busy man.

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