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Kodak Black Breaks His Silence After Pleading In Sexual Assault Case, 'I'm Not A Sex Offender!'

By Mike Walters

Kodak Black is breaking his silence after pleading in his sexual assault case -- and he wants to make sure it's very clear -- he is NOT a sex offender!

The rapper took to Twitter following the reports that he plead down to a lesser charge in a sexual assault case -- that has been plaguing him for 5 years.

As we reported, Kodak appeared in a South Carolina courtroom this week, where he was sentenced to probation after apologizing to the alleged victim.

Now, Kodak wants everyone to know he is NOT admitting to the allegations in this case!

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Kodak Black: I Did't Rape Anyone!

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"Y'all b wanting a n---a to go out sad homie - wishing bad on a real n---a. I never seen it work," Kodak tweeted.

He continued, "My heart goes out to all the girls out here getting raped and s--t. FORREAL, But I Ain't Did That S--t." the rapper included two hashtags -- #ImTooGangsta #TooFlyFaThat.

It appears the rapper was getting bombarded with questions about having to take responsibility for his actions and apologize to the alleged victim. So, he wrote, "Aint' gotta register as a sex offender or nun, s--t that's a play if you ask me. lol y'all got me f--ked up I ain't dat freaky homie."

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Kodak Black Explodes On Twitter Following Plea In Sexual Assault Case


As we reported, Kodak was forced to take full accountability for what happened with the female in this case. Plus, he apologized to her in open court and agreed to undergo counseling.

Obviously, some took this as a partial admission to what happened that night in 2016, and Kodak was not happy about it.

Unfortunately, he decided to take his frustrations out on social media which included a message saying he did not have to pay anything to the alleged victim. "5 yrs later ... both us just wanted to get this shit over wit AND I ain’t have to come off no money," he wrote.

It Get's Worse...

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He continued, "I just had a Bih stop me in da middle of traffic pull her window down & say "Kodak Lemme Suck Yo D--k" Na Wy Tf Would I go TAKE sum."

We are guessing he is getting a call from his lawyer on that one.

Interestingly, Kodak retweeted a fan who pointed out the criminal justice system is set up for "black people to fail" and believes this is what happened in this case.

"Man this system set up for blacks to fail even when we win Kodak a and other young people with money are targets for jack boyz, for, system, and for evil women trying to make a quick buck!! Remember Emmitt till got lied on for whistling at a white woman," Kodak retweeted.

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