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Bryce Harper Gets Hit In The Face By 97 MPH Fastball

By Mario Perez

Increasingly more and more people are of the opinion that baseball is a bit of a boring sport. It's hard to argue with that when you can sit in front of the TV for hours and literally watch nothing interesting happen.

That being said when the action does occur it can get wild. Yesterday Phillies star Bryce Harper was almost knocked out by a 97 MPH fastball. That type of impact to the head is certainly going to do some damage.

Did The Pitcher Have Some Type of Beef With Harper?

Giphy | MLB

There was probably some bad blood between the teams prior to this altercation for sure. The only other logical explanation would be that a pitcher who makes millions of dollars to do his job completely forgot how to do it properly and mistakenly hit two batters in a row!

From the video, you can see clearly that the pitch is thrown a little bit behind Harper. Baseball common wisdom indicates that you don't throw behind the batter unless you're trying to hit him on purpose.

Harper Released Video Letting People Know That He's Ok

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A couple of hours after the incident Bryce Harper released a video on social media letting fans know that he was doing well. He mentioned that his CT scan had come back to reveal he was in good condition.

All in all, it seems that Bryce Harper ultimately walked away with a bit of a bloody nose and not much else. Considering how bad things could have gotten it's certainly a positive note. How bad could things have really gone for Harper though?

What The Worst Case Scenario Would Look Like

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Apparently, the way that the ball skimmed his face actually saved Harper from a major injury. According to doctor Brian Sutterer, who is a physician that explores athletes' injuries on Youtube things could have gone much worse.

Especially if the ball had struct Harper in the face directly. That could have caused multiple face bone fractures. Particularly with a baseball traveling at such high speeds. In that case, also a concussion could be a part of the equation. Luckily for Harper, he was able to soften the blow a bit.

The Pitcher Claims It Was An Honest Mistake

Giphy | MLB

The pitcher for the Cardinals Genesis Cabrera mentioned that he was "overthrowing and that's why I missed the pitches,". No arguments there, we all so how far off the plate that pitch was. As was mentioned before, to think that a professional pitcher even a guy only in his third season in the majors would have back-to-back mistakes that led to this is a bit unrealistic. At least as honest mistakes.

He went on to mention, "My prayers go out to Bryce Harper,". At this point, though, it's not lot clear whether or not Harper's DMs are open for apologies from Cabrera.

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