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lesbian couple in bathtub

The 'Master Of None' Season 3 Trailer Is Here!

Instagram @masterofnone
By Jacob Highley

The ‘Master Of None’ season 3 trailer has finally come out and fans are thrilled! The 5-year-old series has enjoyed a relatively untouched rank as one of the most controversial and relevant series’ on Netflix. Covering topics like masturbation, casual sex, and queer preferences, viewers either love it or hate it.

That being said, there is a reason that a third season has been announced; this show is certainly not without a viewer base.

One of the primary reasons that this show (created by Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang) has become so popular in recent years, is primarily due to its humanistic approach to story telling.


Lesbian couple in diner
Instagram @masterofnone

The latest trailer proves yet again that topics that were once considered taboo are now highly trending. WatchMojo actually compiled a top 10 list of the show’s best moments from season 1, reminding watchers exactly why this series has been so highly recommended by critics.

The latest season is set to focus on the primary lesbian couple of show, who are played by Emmy Award-winner Lena Waithe and BAFTA Award-winner Naomi Ackie.

Taking a slight change in direction in the third season, it remains unclear whether the main character Dev Shah (played by Aziz Ansari) will be seen as much.

Fans Are Hopeful

Dev in red light
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Here are just some of the numerous comments that people have left on the announcement post on Instagram and YouTube:

“Hopefully this will be as good as the first 2 seasons. Has good vibes, I am cautiously optimistic. “ (Commentator) “Man the visuals are just beautiful, this show really uses its locations in the best ways” (Commentator) “The excitement I feel right now is unreal. Getting what we need!!!! I love you Denise!” (Commentator) “Season 2 was the greatest season of any show ever created. So glad this show is back.” (Commentator)


Dev in front of window
Instagram @masterofnone

Alessandra Mastronardi, who played the primary lover to Dev in the first seasons, shared that working on the project had been a wonderful experience.

“I have to say, that's another magic thing about the American set: the craft [services] corner. Like, if you cannot find me on set, I was definitely at the craft corner because we don't have it. We have breakfast and lunch break. That's it. Maybe a little bit of pizza going around 11, white pizza. There is a coffee machine and tea machine. If you are starving, it's your problem. Go and buy yourself a drink or something to eat at the bar! But here there is a craft corner, every time!”

A New 'Amore'

Dev and girlfriend in store
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Fans continue to be hopeful that this next season will continue where the last season left off, but so far, there is little to suggest that this will be the case. The whole trailer was essentially dedicated to the relationship of the lesbian couple, which actually prompted quite a few viewers to express their worries that this wasn’t actually going to cover the story that they had grown to love, but rather, bring focus to another storyline.

It remains to be seen how the fans will react when the seasons premiers on May 23rd.

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