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Joe Rogan Facing Twitter Backlash Over COVID Vaccination Comments

Joe Rogan / Instagram
By Mario Perez

No stranger to controversy Joe Rogan finds himself trending on Twitter once again. This time it's not because of his reactions to a UFC fight or because he was getting Elon Musk to smoke a joint on his show.

Throughout the pandemic, Joe Rogan through his podcast has been one of the most outspoken voices that have embraced the no mask movement. Therefore the comments that he made yesterday on his show about young people not needing to get vaccinated come as a shock to virtually no one.

What He Said

Unsplash | Harry Cunningham

Rogan ventured to give unsolicited advice to the American youth. Rogan directly mentioned,

"If you're like 21 years old, and you say to me, should I get vaccinated? I'll go no.”

He went on to say that both of his kids have had COVID. Saying that it was "nothing" for them. Based on those heavy facts he could openly recommend that other healthy young people should not bother to get vaccinated. While adding he was sorry for the young people who had died from the disease.

Not The First Time He's Given Medical Advice


Joe is not a stranger to using his platform to give medical advice. In one of his previous shows during the pandemic, he tried to get guest Bill Burr to talk about the topic of wearing or not wearing masks at that particular time. Burr directly shot down Rogan's intentions.

He clearly pointed out how ill-fit Rogan was to be giving out medical advice to people. Particularly when his advice would go against what actual doctors were recommending at the time.

The Reactions Came In Quickly

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As is the case when virtually any popular talking head makes a controversial opinion the Twitterverse was quick to react. Most of the tweets on the topic understandably are bashing Rogan for his comments.

People who have had the disease seem to be the most offended by the comments. With one user pointing out that because of COVID he will most likely suffer long-term lung damage. "Stupidity", is one of the nicest adjectives that is being used in the comments that users are putting out.

Could This Lead To A Spotify Ban?

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When Spotify signed Joe Rogan to an exclusive deal worth 100 million dollars last May a lot of people bashed the music streaming service. A couple of weeks ago it was confirmed that the platform was quietly censoring some of the episodes of the Joe Rogan Experience on the platform.

Now with some users calling for a boycott of the platform due to Rogan's comments will the partnership be short-lived? At the end of the day, these types of shows live off controversial opinions. How much controversy is too much controversy for Spotify?

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