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Netflix Facing Calls To Cancel 'The Crown' Over Negative Portrayal Of Royal Family

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By Carol Cassada

"The Crown" is one of Netflix's popular shows. The series is a historical drama that centers around Queen Elizabeth and the rest of the royal family. Since its premiere in 2016, the show has become a critically acclaimed hit and won numerous awards, including three Emmys.

Along with having fans, "The Crown" also has its detractors. Throughout the years, the series has faced criticism due to historical inaccuracies. As the show begins production on its fifth season, it's facing more criticism. This time many critics are calling for show's cancellation.

Premise Of The Show

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TheCrownNetflix - Twitter

"The Crown" follows the life of Queen Elizabeth. Claire Foy plays a young Elizabeth in seasons one and two, while Olivia Colman played an older version of the Queen during later seasons. Throughout the years, the show covers a wide range of pivotal moments in Elizabeth's life. From her wedding to Prince Philip to her accession to the throne to her relationship with Britain's prime ministers.

Season four of "The Crown" would prove to be the show's biggest. The fourth season saw the introduction of Princess Diana and her marriage to Prince Charles. Following the season premiere in November 2020, critics and fans gave season four rave reviews.

Backlash Over Family's Portrayal

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Although, "The Crown" is a popular show, it has faced backlash. Aside from its historical inaccuracies, the series has also faced criticism for portraying the royal family in a negative light.

During the show's first two seasons, one of the storylines revolved around Prince Philip being unfaithful to his wife. Although there were rumors circulating around the late prince, none of them were ever proven to be true. Another negative portrayal of the royals came with their treatment of Princess Diana. As seen in the last season, Prince Philip issued a warning to Diana that "things could end badly for her."

Critics Call For The Show's Cancellation

The Crown Olivia Colman Queen Elizabeth
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"The Crown's" ability to dramatize the lives and events of the royal family has made it a smashing success. However, royal critics think it's time for Netflix to cancel the series.

The call for the show's cancellation comes two weeks following the death of Prince Philip. Hugh Vickers, a royal author, says that the family knows about the show and is upset with their portrayals. Vickers was a close friend of Prince Philip, and believes the show is horrific and has damaged the royal family.

Due to the show's negative portrayal of the family, Vickers expressed a desire for "The Crown" to be canceled. Although Vickers is leading the call for the show's cancellation, he doesn't have much hope Netflix will do the right thing.

No Cancellation In Sight

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Despite Vickers protest, it's obvious there are no plans to cancel "The Crown." Despite its inaccuracies and dramatizations, the show is still a hit with Netflix audiences.

After four successful seasons, the show is gearing up for number five. Filming is set to begin in July, with a new cast in place. Imelda Staunton will portray Queen Elizabeth, while Jonathan Pryce will take over the role of Prince Philip. Meanwhile, Dominic West and Elizabeth Debicki will fill in as Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Although the plot for season five is under wraps, it's set to include the divorce of Charles and Diana. The show is also rumored to be casting for the role of Prince Andrew, however, no official confirmation has been released.

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