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Jamie Lynn Spears Gives Advice To Jesse James Decker For Extreme Back Pain

By Mike Walters

Jesse James Decker is suffering from brutal back pain which required spine injections and pain medication -- and now, she is getting advice from a few very famous friends.

The country star took to Instagram revealing the painful details of her back injury situation, including asking for help from anyone who might have information on how she can deal with the situation.

Luckily, Decker has a host of famous friends, including Britney Spear's sister Jaime Lynn who jumped in to give advice to the ailing singer.

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Jesse James Decker: I Can't Turn My Head Without Wanting To Cry!


"Pinched a nerve in my back... it feels like my back and bones and muscles are all in a fight. this time it is so unbearable I had to get a shot in my back from the Dr and was given meds. It is shooting pains up and down the left side of my back I cannot turn my head without wanting to cry. It’s awful and it happens way too often. I get weekly therapy but I feel like I need to see a specialist," Jesse captioned a picture of herself in bed.

She continued, "I get migraines ALL the time which has to be all connected. My mama has the same issues so it is hereditary. I’m hoping it gets better and I can find some sort of solution because when this happens... I’m just out and feel useless and helpless."

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Singer's Famous Friends Jump In With Sound Advice!


"Is there anyone that has the same issue? Please give me any sort of remedy you suggest I’m open to anything and everything," she concluded.

Jaime-Lynn Spears immediately responded to the question, saying, "Yesss- try needling or acupuncture and getting a hip adjustment."

'The Hills' star Lo Bosworth jumped into the comment section to offer her own advice, telling the singer, "I wonder if there is something inflammatory in your diet that’s always been there but you don’t know what it is." It's nice to have famous friends!

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It's Been A Tough Few Months...


As we reported, Jesse's family has had several medical issues in the past year, including her young son -- Forrest -- who was hospitalized after a "freak" occurrence where a boil on his body turned into a staph infection,

Unfortunately, the little guy was hospitalized for the "3rd time in 6 weeks" due to breathing issues.

"Every time he gets a tiny cold he starts wheezing and his oxygen levels drop and heart rate goes up," she wrote on IG. Adding, "Ultimately I'm being told he has Asthma even though he's pretty young to diagnose."

Get Well Soon!

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