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All Smiles From Queen Elizabeth In First Public Appearance Since Husband's Funeral

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By Mario Perez

For the first time since Prince Philip's funeral Queen Elizabeth II was photographed during her royal duties. The monarch is essentially getting back to work after the two-week mourning period that she observed due to her husband's death.

Plenty of people were concerned that we'd see the Queen still with a sad face on. After all the last time that we saw her, she was sitting alone during the funeral. One of the saddest moments of her entire reign without a doubt. Today though, we saw a glimpse of the Windsor stiff upper lip with the Queen ready to get on with it!.

The Queen's Zoom Meetings

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The Queen is still very mindful of COVID protocols. The monarch was already vaccinated against the disease, but she still prefers to carry her business via Zoom. Today was no different as she held a meeting from her offices at Windsor Castle where she has been staying for most of the pandemic.

The meeting pictured here where she is caught smiling was with the ambassadors to Latvia and the Republic of Côte d'Ivoire. In these weird times, the ambassadors were at Buckingham Palace and were able to see the Queen on the screen. Sadly, they didn't get the Queen's email or link to connect to the meeting remotely themselves.

Still Not Fully Back To Her Normal Routine

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We are used to seeing the Queen in bright colored clothes and fancy hats attending all sorts of events. That's her job description in many ways. The fact that she isn't back fully out and about after the death of Prince Phillip is more due to COVID-19 than anything else.

As was mentioned before, even though the monarch has been fully vaccinated for a while now. At 95 it still seems like a better idea to play it safe and continue with virtual meetings.

Other Royals Out And About

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There are other Royals who are pretty much going about their daily lives as usual at this point. Even amidst some heavy COVID restrictions in the UK. The official Instagram account of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge posted pictures of a recent visit of the couple to the Cheesy Waffles Project.

The visit featured a golf lesson for William from one of the kids in the project. Certainly a cute moment, but what may be more surprising is that no masks were worn at the event. The UK COVID protocols were said to be very strict, but it seems they are lightening up.

The Next Royal Summit

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When is the next time that we'll get to see the Royal Family in a public event? Well, it seems that we are still going to have to wait for a little while for that. Particularly to see the Southern California-based side of the family in the UK.

Since the Queen decided not to celebrate her birthday publically, the next time we get to see the family together could be for Princess Diana's 60th birthday. That event is sure to spark some controversy with Meghan Markle potentially making her UK return.

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