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Princess Diana's Wedding Dress Will Headline Royal Exhibition

By Mario Perez

On the first of July, the world will celebrate what would have been Princess Diana's 60th birthday. The Royal Family has a couple of things planned to commemorate this occasion. One of the ways that they are allowing people to feel part of the celebration is through an exhibition at Kegniston Palace.

The former home of Princess Diana and now the residence of Prince William will be running an exhibition called Royal Style in the making. The exhibition will feature dresses from royal brides over the centuries. Including Princess Diana's wedding dress.

What Will Be On Display

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What visitors to the exhibition will be able to find on display will not only be a bunch of different dresses. There will also be sketches depicting the creative process that ultimately defined the creation of these pieces.

In the announcement on the official Kensington Palace site, it's stated that what will be on display will be,

"The glittering gowns and stylish tailoring created for three generations of royal women."

Since it mentions the 20th century we can assume it's referring to dresses worn by the Princess of Wales, the Queen, and maybe the Queen mother. Don't expect any Kate Middelton outfits on display though.

William & Harry On The Same Page

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The official statement also mentions that Diana's dress is being lent to the exhibition with the permission of HRH the Duke of Cambridge and HRH the Duke of Sussex, also known as William and Harry.

This marks the second time that the brothers have agreed to something regarding their mother. Even in the aftermath of the Oprah interview. The brothers have also reportedly agreed on the commission of a statue of Princess Diana to be placed at Kensington Palace. The unveiling of the piece is set to take place on July 1st the late princess's 60th birthday.

Not The Cheapest Tourist Attraction

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If you're planning a UK trip and you want to stroll down to the exhibition you'll be expected to pay a pretty penny for your royal intake. The tickets that will grant you access to the palace so that you can stroll around in the halls and get a chance to see Diana's dress up close and personal will set you back at least a cool 23.5 pounds.

When you purchase access to the palace you'll be given a tour of 4 different areas within the grounds of Kensington Palace. It's like the backlot tour at Universal Studios except you have the potential of meeting royals instead of actors.

The State Of The Royal Family After Prince Philip's Death

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The official 2 week mourning period that the Royal Family observed after the death of the Queen's husband Prince Philip is now over. This means, in many respects, the show must go on for the Queen and her family. Since the UK is still under strict COVID protocols, though, The Queen's public appearances continue to be few and far between.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are back at work and they're sending their kids off to school. While the relationship with Prince Harry seems to be on the right track we probably won't get more news until July, when Harry makes another UK trip to unveil their mother's statue.

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