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Gabriel Brown sitting in a car

'Alaskan Bush People' Gabriel Brown Returns to Instagram to Share Sadness Over Dad's Death

Gabriel Brown / Instagram
By Gary Trock

"Alaskan Bush People" star Gabriel Brown has returned to social media after not posting for almost an entire year, and its clear the reality star is still reeling from the loss of his father back in February.

The middle child of the Brown family took to Instagram over the weekend with some new photos showcasing a grown-out beard and long, shaggy hair.

"Being happy used to be easy," Gabriel captioned his photos.

He continued, "There was nothing to be sad about. Sure there were always ups, and downs, but at the end of the day as long as I could look around, and see those faces of the ppl I love happy was easy."

Missing His Dad

Giphy | Discovery

Without using Billy Brown's name directly, Gabriel made it clear the root of his sadness was caused by the death of his dad.

"Times are changed as times must, and do, and the room seems empty without you. I carry on from day to day, remembering those things you'd say, tears of pain run down my face they try to take your special place, I wake up dreaming we have to be apart, yet those we lose from our sight are never gone from our hearts."

As we previously reported, Billy died in February after years of battling medical ailments.

Feel the Pain

In a follow-up post, Gabriel appeared to get much darker with his thoughts and let fans know that its perfectly okay to sit in your misery instead of pretending to be cheery when you are hurting the most.

"They'll tell you to 'smile' 'cheer up' 'don't cry' 'get a haircut' I say feel what you're feeling, feel it deeply, feel it hard, & cold, feel it like it's all you are, then give it to God, and let it pass. Express yourself, and be who you are."

Being Authentic

Giphy | Discovery

It's unclear if Gabriel Brown is hinting at any other drama from the "Alaskan Bush People" family members, or possibly the issues with his older brother Matt, but he is not apologizing for who he chooses to be or how he chooses to behave.

"There will only ever be one of you, share yourself with the world, maybe something you've said or done will help someone else understand what they're feeling. Sing that song, write that book, become an astronaut. You can be anything, you can do anything. Live like there's no tomorrow. Someday there won't be."

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