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Lil Tay GoFundMe Reaches Over $11,000 After Child Abuse Claims

Lil Tay / Instagram
By Gary Trock

Lil Tay is getting support from hundreds of fans who are worried about the social media star, as her GoFundMe is now soaring above $11,000 in response to allegations of child abuse and legal action. As we reported, Tay's brother, Jason Tian, posted multiple messages to the young star's Instagram account on Friday after promising to divulge new information following an ominous message about "bad news" regarding Tay.

Jason claims that Lil Tay, now 11 years old, is a victim of abuse at the hands of her father and his wife, and is allegedly in the process of working the situation out in court.

Revealing multiple photos of Lil Tay with what appear to be red marks on her body, Jason launched a GoFundMe in order to raise legal funds for his sister as she allegedly takes her case to the Supreme Court of Canada.

"Tay is in desperate need of funds to support her fight against her abusive father, as a result of this situation she has been in a state of depression," an explanation on the GoFundMe states.

It continues, "ALL FUNDS raised through this GoFundMe will go towards Tay’s legal fees to give her the fighting chance in court to save her from a life of abuse.. Towards her future, and freedom."

Thousands Raised

Giphy | GoFundMe

Although many fans were skeptical around the murky details of Lil Tay's alleged abuse, and the fact that it was her brother coming forward instead of the star, donations began to pour in. As of this posting, $11,669 has been raised by over 700 donors. Many of the donations have ranged around $100, but one supportive person actually dropped $1,500 towards Lil Tay's legal fees.

Donations have been coming in worldwide, as one fan from across the pond generously gave $50 to Tay's cause.

"I am across this on twitter. No child should ever go through this. Hope this helps, a little help from the UK," the supporter wrote.

The Back Story

Screenshot of Lil Tay crying
Lil Tay / Instagram

The drama around the abuse allegations against Lil Tay's father, Chris Hope, have been going on for years. As we previously reported, Tay's father stepped in previously after he felt his daughter was being exploited on Instagram by her mother, Angela Tian.

Lil Tay exploded on the social media scene for being a foul-mouthed 9-year-old who flashed stacks of cash but it was soon revealed that her mother was orchestrating elaborate setups, a move that ultimately cost her a job as a high-paid real estate agent.

What About Police?

Chris Hope ultimately tried to take control of Tay, and claimed that he was only trying to protect his daughter. Lil Tay has been silent on social media for years, but her brother explains things have not settled down and even claims officials were even involved.

"Yes this has been brought to the police, the Ministry of Children and Family Development (Canadian version of CPS) got involved but none of them ended up doing anything legally to Chris Hope or his wife Hanee except take her away from them," Jason claimed on Instagram.

He added that Tay is no longer staying with her father, but that she has a long legal road ahead.

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