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Gal Gadot in a red sequined dress on the 'Wonder Woman' red carpet

Gal Gadot’s Severed Fingertip MIA!

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Here’s some news you didn’t expect to read in 2021, or maybe it is.

Gal Gadot’s severed fingertip is missing in action! Yes, you read that correctly.

Gal's left hand index finger had a run-in with some cabbage & a kitchen knife.

The fingertip was not only sliced off, which is horrific in and of itself, but it's now nowhere to be found all thanks to her husband.

This fingertip fiasco occurred in the early days of the Coronavirus pandemic after a few mimosas and some daytime drinking.


Explaining to Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel smiling
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During a Friday appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Gal explained how her index fingertip got severed!

She said quote, “You know in the early days of pandemic when you start drinking mimosa or sangria or whatever at 11am? So, I did that, and then I decided that I’m going to make a cabbage salad because that’s what one wants to do.”

The “Wonder Woman” actress went on to say, “Anyway, I started to chop the thing and I chopped the top of my finger.”


The Digit Dilemma


So, the question remains, where did the severed tip sneak off to?

Gal’s husband, Jaron Vasano, was so disgusted by the ‘Chopped’ incident he instantly grabbed her fingertip and threw it down the garbage disposal.

Panic instantly ensued with Gal & Yaron screaming, “What, do we do?”

It was a mess all around, and the entire situation led Gal to stop drinking & cooking.

Well, the drinking might’ve stopped because she is expecting her third child.

Check out the interview below!

Exciting News

Gal Gadot with her husband and two daughters. Their hands are placed on her stomach
Gal Gadot / Instagram

Gal announced the exciting news on her Instagram on March 1st with an adorable family photo of her husband and two girls with their hands on her stomach.

She captioned the photo, “Here we go again ❤✋🏻🧿”

The family of four is expanding to five and expecting a baby…GIRL! This will mark the couple's third girl.

Gal & Yaron have Maya, 9, and Alma, 4.

Gal said of her third pregnancy, “I’m slow. I’m all slow.” She explained how her daughters reacted to the baby news, and needless to say they were less than excited.

Sweet Treats

The couple went the sugar coated route to introduce baby number three.

Gal explained to Kimmel she got cupcakes for everyone in the household, including the dog. There was one additional cupcake left and she asked her daughters, “Do you know who this cupcake belongs to?”

After some (unsuccessful) guessing, Gal pointed to her stomach and her eldest daughter, screamed ‘noooooooo’ in frustration.

However, the frustration didn’t last long with Gal saying, “But then she got used to the idea and now she's super, super excited.”

Sibling rivalry before the baby is even out, got to love it!

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