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Jake Paul on red carpet.

Jake Paul Caught LYING About Growing Up Poor?

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Jake Paul is being put on blast once again, and this time it’s for allegedly lying about his upbringing.

Wherever Jake goes, controversy, scandal & his dark past are sure to follow. And follow they do, because a former neighbor of Jake's is spilling the tea on his claims of ‘coming from nothing.’

On Saturday, April 17th, Jake took on Ben Askren in the boxing ring. Within the first round Askren was knocked out cold!

Jake was declared the champion of the Triller Fight Club boxing event, and made an estimated $690,000.00 according to the Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission.

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Since shooting to YouTube stardom, Jake has seen a steady & hefty flow of income roll into his bank account. He’s not one to shy away from showing off his riches. He mainly does so in the form of Instagram posts that feature diamonds, cars & private jets.

However, before his newfound fame & fortune, Jake claims he 'came from nothing' while growing up in Westlake, Ohio.

During his fight night victory speech Jake told Snoop Dogg quote, “Just a couple years ago my teachers were making fun of me, telling me I can’t do nothing. Telling me I wasn’t smart. My schoolmates making fun of me. I used to landscape and I just had a dream, and I chased it and I worked hard.”

While there's no doubt that Jake Paul is 'self-made' and built his fortune from the ground up, a former neighbor of the Paul family went on the record to tell fans how Jake really grew up.

This side of the story is pretty wild!

YouTube account ‘Sir Yacht’ published a two-minute video on April 18th. Sir Yacht went on the record saying, “Jake was the worst person ever at Westlake High School. He was the bully. HE WAS THE BULLY.”

See the damning video here:

As for Jake’s claims about his teachers making fun of him and being condescending, Sir Yacht noted, “Your teachers didn’t make fun of you, they probably just asked you to shut the f*** up in class and stop being a nuisance.”

Jake’s claims coming from nothing due to the fact he had a landscaping job in high school didn’t sit well with Sir Yacht, because didn’t every young man growing up have a landscaping job of some sort?

Sir Yacht goes on to say, “Dude, you landscaped and had rich a** parents. That’s not the struggle. That’s just what every high schooler that was privileged did.”

Jake Paul in a pink sweatsuit in front of a brown private jet

Twitter account Def Noodles tweeted out photos of Jake & Logan from past YouTube vlogs they uploaded which showcased them in their Ohio home.

Def Noodles wrote, “CAUGHT IN 4K: Jake Paul claims he grew up poor in Ohio. Old public videos of him and Logan show they grew up in a huge 2-story house with a massive backyard, long driveway and what appears to be a 4-car garage. They lived in what appears to be an affluent neighborhood.”

Sir Yacht points out the fact that Jake was saying all of this to Snoop Dogg who literally came from nothing, and in the sixth grade was selling candy, delivering newspapers and bagging groceries just to help his family make ends meet.

Sir Yacht ends his video by pointing out that Jake is not a victim of bullying, and begged him to stop acting like he came from nothing.

We'll have to take what Sir Yacht says with a grain of salt given there are two sides to every story.


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