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Battle Of Royal Babies: Kate & Meghan Show Off Their Sons

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By Mario Perez

The sibling rivalry between Prince Willam and Prince Harry has found a new arena to fight in. Now the public debate in the feud can concentrate on something much more important. Like deciding who is cuter out of the Windsor babies.

In just the past 24 hours we've gotten a glimpse of Prince Louis getting ready for his first day of Preschool. A couple of hours after the official IG post from Kensington Palace Meghan Markle and son Archie were spotted on an errand run. Archie is certainly much more grown-up than the last time we got to see him.

Prince Louis Turns 3

kensingtonroyal Instagram

On the eve of his third birthday, the official Instagram account of his parents decided to give Prince Louis a shoutout. The caption reads,

"Taken earlier this week by The Duchess before he left for his first day of nursery, The Duke and Duchess are pleased to share a new image of Prince Louis."

For those not as familiar with some of these British school terms it looks like the Prince is headed off to pre-school in his newly minted red bike that surprisingly features no training wheels.

A Very Royal Setting

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There is one thing that's for certain with many of the pics that make it on the official IG account for the Duke and Duchess of Cambriadge. Although, their social media manager captions the photos as if they were regular snap shots from Kate and William's phones it does seem like the pictures involve a lot more production.

A couple of days back in the wake of Prince Phillip's passing the couple had also posted a picture of the Queen and the Duke with some of their great-grandchildren. Either these kids are immensely well behaved or that picture took a couple of tries.

Meghan & Archie Out and About

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Just as the picture of Prince Louis was being posted on social media a photographer caught a glimpse of Meghan Markle and Archie running some errands in southern California. Meghan is bearing her baby bump without care.

Certainly, it seems that Archie is growing up in a much less formal environment compared to his cousins. Some of those UK trips for Harry's son could potentially be eye-opening experiences in the future. By the way, is she sending Archie off to preschool too, or what's with the backpack?

Where The Brothers Stand

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There was a lot made of the quick trip that Harry had to the UK to be at his grandfather's funeral. It seems that as far as the sibling rivalry that had been brewing for years that died down a bit. As they were seeing chatting along after the service.

The relationship between Harry and the rest of the family is still up in the air. With conflicting reports indicating that he may or may not have spoken directly to his father or the Queen about that Oprah situation.

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